38th Burdekin Junior Eisteddfod 2022
Irish Ceili & Figure Dancing (As set by AIDA Inc)
07 May 2022 to 16 May 2022
(To be confirmed after receipt of Entries and Programming has been finalised)
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 Saturday 8th May – Monday 17th May 2021



Burdekin Theatre

161 Queen St

AYR QLD 4807





Friday 12th March 2021 – 11:59PM


Enter online via Stardom







D MOBILE PHONES – please ensure they are turned off before entering the venue







Such devices may be confiscated for the duration of the session







  1. Unless otherwise stated, the Burdekin Junior Eisteddfod is for amateur performers only i.e. any person who does not derive nor has ever derived his or her main income or a substantial income as a teacher and/or performer in the particular category for which he/she wishes to enter. Confirmation may be requested in writing from a student teacher presently studying and/or teaching under guidance of professional teachers, in the case of a dispute.
  2. Entries close: 12th March 2021.  No late entries will be accepted.
  3. Entries are available online at www.stardom.com.au
  4. The age of the competitors for solos, duos and trios will be as at the date of the Eisteddfods commencement (8th May 2021). The Executive reserves the right to call upon any competitor or studio to furnish a birth certificate or copy thereof and to withhold any prize until such certificate has been furnished.
  5. Entry fees are not refundable unless the section is cancelled by the committee, or there is an error in programming. Administration and credit card fees will not be refunded by the committee, as these are third party charges.
  6. Only one (1) entry will be accepted from a competitor per section.
  7. No entry will be accepted if payment is not made in full.
  8. The committee has the power to decide any question not contained in these rules and regulations.
  9. Unless otherwise stated, any one item may be performed once only by a competitor during the Eisteddfod.
  10. Time limits must be observed. These are the maximum - an item may be shorter than the limit but not exceed it. Should time limits be exceeded, the competitor will be eligible for a report only.
  11. The committee reserves the right to cancel, combine or split any section/s.
  12. The decision of the adjudicator is final.
  13. Prompting, except by an adjudicator is not permitted.
  14. Intending competitors who have been pupils of an adjudicator or their school within six months prior to Eisteddfod start date will be ineligible to enter any section judged by the adjudicator. (Workshops/Guest Teachers excluded).
  15. Contact must not be made with the adjudicator directly by teachers, competitors or parents, unless invited by the adjudicator.
  1. Any item having to withdraw after entering must notify the committee as soon as possible to ensure smooth programming.
  2. It is the performer’s responsibility to check the program for performance dates and times. Competitors must report to the Marshal on arrival at the Eisteddfod venue.
  3. Competitors must be present at the beginning of the session as withdrawals may alter the order of appearance. Due to this, it is difficult to anticipate exact performance times.
  4. Late competitors will be allowed to perform at the end of the section for a report only.
  5. Any protest or objection must be referred to the Co-ordinator of the section within 30 minutes of the Adjudicator's decision. A protest will only be accepted from a competitor, the competitor's teacher or parent and must be received in writing with a $40 fee. Anonymous letters will NOT be considered. If the complaint is found to be valid, this fee will be refunded. In the case of a dispute arising in respect of the age of any competitor and his/her eligibility to appear in any age grouping, the committee reserves the right to request a copy of the competitors birth certificate.
  6. Where a competitor leaves the stage before the completion of their routine (for reasons other than faulty music) and requests a second attempt;
    1. (1) The competitor may re perform at the end of the section.
    2. (2) The competitor will not be eligible for a 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize.
  7. Safety is paramount and every care will be taken to protect competitors, but the committee will not be responsible for any injuries sustained by any competitor and or damage to property during the Eisteddfod.
  8. The committee has the right to amend the program at any time.
  9. Competitors names and/or photographs may be used in the media. Should this not be appropriate please ensure the committee is notified. This can be completed via the media disclaimer on your Stardom entry.
  10. The use of the house curtain is prohibited.
  11. Props must be free standing and able to be quickly placed on the stage. No props that cause debris ie. talc powder, confetti, glitter, water, cream, hay or popping of balloons is allowed. No candles, sparklers, cigarettes or any naked flames are permitted. No blackout or lighting effects are allowed.
  12. Props must be bought to OP prior to the commencement of the respective section. Theatre staff or a committee member will provide guidance on the setting and removal of props on stage. Only the competitor may move props once the performance has commenced. 
  1. No teacher, parent, or person over the set age limit, will be allowed on the stage during the rendition of any item, unless as an accompanist or conductor.
  2. Competitors must use the standard audio equipment, which will be provided at the venue. The committee takes all care but no responsibility for music. All competitors must bring at least one back up (no CDRW).
  3. If the music is faulty during a competitor’s performance the sound technician will turn off the music and the competitor will be given the option of repeating their dance at the end of the section (with back up music), without disqualification.
  4. All music will be provided to the committee via Dropbox. An email with instructions will be sent to all competitors once entries have closed.
  5. Competitors can only enter sections in their own age group.
  6. In duos & trios, the eldest performer must enter the relevant age section.
  7. Inappropriate and suggestive movement, costuming and /or obscene language is not permitted. The Adjudicator may comment and/or penalise.
  8. Dressing Rooms are not allocated and are open to all competitors. There is to be one person per competitor in the dressing rooms, unless special circumstances exist.
  9. The Loft will be available to all competitors as a warm-up area ONLY. There is to be no storage of props, costumes or personal belongings in this space. The use of tap shoes in this space is prohibited, due to the flooring in this space.
  10. Failure to comply wholly or partly with any of the rules and regulations may result in disqualification or the withholding of prizes. The decision of the committee on any question or dispute shall be final.
  11. Engraving of trophies is the responsibility of the awardee, except for perpetual trophies which are not taken home by the awardee. The committee will arrange for all engraving of perpetual trophies and they will be displayed in the eisteddfod office.
  12. Adherence to the COVID-19 safety plan of the Burdekin Theatre must be followed by all competitors, guests and officials at all times.

Under 13 yrs
I143 Reel in Hardshoe .Solo     Under 13 yrs

Entry: $8.001st Trophy          2nd Silver Medal          3rd Bronze Medal          HC Certificate          
Open Age
I144 Reel in Hardshoe .Solo     Open Age

Entry: $8.001st Trophy          2nd Silver Medal          3rd Bronze Medal          HC Certificate          
Under 13 yrs
I145 Reels in Couples Duo     Under 13 yrs

Entry: $13.001st Trophy          2nd Silver Medal          3rd Bronze Medal          HC Certificate          
Open Age
I146 Reels in Couples Duo     Open Age

Entry: $13.001st Trophy          2nd Silver Medal          3rd Bronze Medal          HC Certificate          
Under 13 yrs
I147 3 Hand Choreography Trio     Under 13 yrs

Entry: $13.001st Trophy          2nd Silver Medal          3rd Bronze Medal          HC Certificate          
Open Age
I148 3 Hand Choreography Trio     Open Age

Entry: $13.001st Trophy          2nd Silver Medal          3rd Bronze Medal          HC Certificate          
Under 13 yrs
I149 4 Hand Ceili Group     Under 13 yrs

Entry: $17.001st Voucher          2nd Voucher          3rd Voucher          HC Certificate          
Open Age
I150 4 Hand Ceili Group     Open Age

Entry: $17.001st Voucher          2nd Voucher          3rd Voucher          HC Certificate          
Under 13 yrs
I151 6/8 Hand Ceili Group     Under 13 yrs

Entry: $17.001st Plaque          2nd Plaque          3rd Plaque          HC          
Open Age
I152 6/8 Hand Ceili Group     Open Age

Entry: $17.001st Plaque          2nd Plaque          3rd Plaque          HC