Forbes Eisteddfod 2022
School Dance Groups
15 Jun 2022 to 22 Jun 2022
(To be confirmed after receipt of Entries and Programming has been finalised)
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Forbes Eisteddfod Incorporated


2022 Rules

Overall Eisteddfod Rules

1. Adjudicator’s decision will be final.

2. Entries in all sections must be entered using STARDOM online at or through our website Entries close on 8th May 2022 for Music, Speech & Drama and School Dance Groups. Dance entries close 15th May 2022.

3. Late entries will NOT be accepted.

4. Entries must be paid for to be included in the programme. The Administration Fee is compulsory.

5. All competitors in all sections must be ready to perform at least one section beforehand or at the discretion of the adjudicator.

6. In all competitions, which are subject to an age limit, the age of competitors shall be taken as at the 31st DECEMBER 2022. The committee reserves the right to call upon any competitor at any time to furnish at his or her own expense, certificate of birth, or copy thereof, and can at their discretion withhold any prize moneys until such certificate or copy thereof shall be furnished.

7. The committee reserves the right to amend the programme at any time; including section details, session dates and session times.

8. No teacher shall be allowed on stage with competitor unless as accompanist or conductor.

9. PROMPTING, except by the adjudicator, will not be permitted in any section.

10. The committee reserves the right to arrange for adjudication by any person at any time, whether or not such person has been named or appointed as adjudicator. The adjudicator may only be approached by officials of the committee. Failure to comply could render disqualification.

11. The committee invests the adjudicator with the power to withhold any prize where he/she is of the opinion that sufficient merit has not been displayed.

12. NO REHEARSALS are allowed on stage during the Eisteddfod.

13. Prizes will be awarded on the following scale: 3 entries – 1st prize only; 5 entries – 2nd prize; 7 or more entries – 3rd prize, or at the discretion of the adjudicator.

14. It is essential that there be a minimum of 3 entries in all sections, otherwise sections may be combined or cancelled. The committee reserves the right to run a section with less than 3 competitors if they deem necessary.

15. In ALL own choice selections, competitors MUST provide a copy of music and words as the case may be, of the selected item. In Speech & Drama sections, the competitor must provide a copy of the selected item which, if not printed, shall be typewritten and properly punctuated, for approval. The committee accepts no responsibility for loss of, or damage to any music or paper. All photocopies for instrumental sections are to be retained by the committee and destroyed on completion. This applies to solo performers, duets/trios, groups, choirs, bands & choral groups.

16. Entrants will need to provide their own accompanist.

17. The committee will provide a competent person to play all CD/iPod. CD/iPod’s must be clearly marked with Section Number and Competitor Number. Any special instructions must be attached and explicit. ALL music must be handed in before the session commences. Late music could mean disqualification. A USB may be used. ONE song only on each, clearly marked with Section Number and Competitor Number.

18. Competitors competing in more than one age group must not repeat the same routine or item.

19. Competitors entering in Championships may repeat ONE routine or item used in age group sections.

20. Competitors entering in Championships must also enter and compete in two other solo sections of the same discipline. 

21. No refund will be made for any entry fee paid unless section is cancelled.

22. Competitors who are eligible to compete in Restricted Sections may also enter Non-Restricted Sections. “RESTRICTED” means not having won a first prize in that particular category (e.g. Dance, Vocal, S&D etc.) at any Forbes eisteddfod or competitions at any age up until the closing date of entries.

23. All care has been taken in compiling the syllabus and the Committee reserves the right to rectify any errors or omissions that may appear in prize money or items.

24. The use of Digital Devices or Cameras within the hall is prohibited. The committee enforce this rule for the protection of children.

25. In ensemble or choir sections, individuals may appear more than once in a section, providing they are bona fide members of each group.

26. School Groups do not have to be drawn from a single class unless stated.

27. Duo/Trios – Competitors may enter more than once in the same section, however, they must have different partners.

28. Perpetual trophies will remain with the Committee for public display.

29. Teacher Passes - 2 teachers from each Dance/Music School may be nominated prior to start of Eisteddfod. Photo ID is required to collect pass. Email name of School and Teachers to 

30. School Pointscore Trophy

 i) 1st Prize: Trophy + $500, 2nd Prize: $300, 3rd Prize: $200
 ii) Points scored as follows:
1. Enter & Compete: 5 points
2. Receive 1st place in a Section: 3 points
3. Receive 2nd place in a Section: 2 points
4. Receive 3rd place or H/C in a Section: 1 point


31. COPYRIGHT: The law of Copyright applies to the Eisteddfod. It is the responsibility of each competitor to adhere to the Act.

    ALL ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BY 15/05/2022 11:59:00 PM (AEST)
    SDG1 School Dance Group     Infants

    Time Limit:

    Not less than 8 dancers, see rule 26.

    Entries Closed
    Entry: $12.001st Trophy          2nd Certificate          3rd Certificate          
    SDG2 School Dance Group     Primary

    Time Limit:

    Not less than 8 dancers, see rule 26.

    Entries Closed
    Entry: $12.001st Trophy          2nd Certificate          3rd Certificate          
    SDG3 School Dance Group     Secondary

    Time Limit:

    Not less than 8 dancers, see rule 26.

    Entries Closed
    Entry: $12.001st Trophy          2nd Certificate          3rd Certificate