Wimmera Music Eisteddfod 2019
26 Jul 2019 to 26 Jul 2019
(To be confirmed after receipt of Entries and Programming has been finalised)
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Please note that changes have been made for 2019 and read carefully.



1. Entries close Friday 31st May 2019. Entries must be submitted on the STARDOM online competition database on or before midnight Friday 31st May 2019. All entries must comply with the general competition rules at the time of entry.

2. The age on the 1st January 2019 shall be deemed the age of the entrant.

3. For Education schools a tax invoice is generated upon entry and payment is to be made within 30 days. Schools need to put school email address when entering not teacher’s email.

4. Fees are payable to the Wimmera Music Eisteddfod. Competitors are not entitled to any refund of fees.

5. The Eisteddfod cannot be responsible for entries lost through failed electronic transmission or incorrectly submitted online via the STARDOM database. No entry will be accepted unless processed online with full payment.

6 A confirmation email will be sent to the competitor and it is their responsibility to confirm all the details of the entry are correct. Responsibility for correct entry rests with the entrant.

7. Dates, session times and running sheets will be available on the Wimmera Music Eisteddfod website once the program is finalised.

8. When entering duets, duos or trios, the name of each competitor must be given at the time of entry or entries will not be accepted.  

9. No item (by a competitor or group) is to be performed again in another section.  A competitor may compete in more than 1 duet, duo or trio per section, so long as the partners change for each item.

10. LATE ENTRIES will NOT be accepted past the due date for the 2019 competition. Please note that no late entries will be accepted after Friday 31st May 2019.



11.The Wimmera Music Eisteddfod  is a member of AESA and covered under the blanket licence with the four music copyright societies APRA, AMCOS, PPCA and ARIA for competition.

The licence covers everything from live performances of copyright musical works, the playing of copyright sound recordings as backing tracks, Print Music and Photocopying etc.

11.1: Each entrant will be required to complete Copyright permission forms as part of the STARDOM online entry process.

11.2: A photocopy must be provided for the adjudicator but will be destroyed by the committee after use.  The copy must be marked with the section number and competitor number.  There should be a bar number at the beginning of each line of music.






12. Communication with the adjudicator whether by competitors, teachers or interested parties during the competitions is prohibited.

13. The Adjudicators decision shall in all cases be final and no correspondence shall be entered into.

14. The adjudicator reserves the right to withhold any prize where insufficient merit has been displayed.

15. Competitors who do not adhere to the conditions set out in the schedule for their section will not be eligible to receive prize money and/or trophies in that section.



16. Competitors must report to the Registration desk (located in the front foyer) prior to the start of each session.

17. TIME LIMITS will be adhered to at all times. Unless otherwise stated, the time limit will be 4 mins. Performance time is taken from the start of correct music. Competitors exceeding time limits for their section may be penalised.  For example the may get a critique from the adjudicator but be ineligible for prizes.

18. No music rehearsal or practice is permitted on the stage or on the piano prior to the commencement of the Eisteddfod. Any entrant or entrants not observing the condition will be automatically disqualified.

19. Competitors acknowledge that they compete at their own risk



20. TUNING for instrumental group sections shall be allowed on stage, for a maximum of 2 minutes for groups of less than 15 competitors, and a maximum of 5 minutes for groups comprising 15 or more competitors.

21. A stage plan is needed for all orchestral and band sections stating number of chairs, music stands required and layout. The plan is to be handed in at registration labelled clearly with Section and Competitor numbers. It is a competitor’s responsibility to bring their own music stands if required.

22. A COPY OF EACH PIECE OF MUSIC, preferably a full score, not set parts, must be handed in to the Registration Desk for the Adjudicator before the commencement of the sessions for piano, instrumental, vocal and choral. THE COPY IS TO BE MARKED WITH SECTION NUMBER AND COMPETITOR NUMBER.

23. A student may enter in only two consecutive grades of Pianoforte  in the current Eisteddfod.

24. Competitors are not permitted to repeat a piece that has received them a 1st placing in any previous years at the Wimmera Music  Eisteddfod.


26. An OFFICIAL ACCOMPANIST is available. No fee will apply. Entrants must use STARDOM online system to indicate they need the accompanist and give the title of the song (if known) or indicate if own recorded backing track will be used.

27. MUSIC/SOUND: A recorded music backing track may be used for vocal sections and choirs. CDs are the preferred method.  CD’s are to be handed in at the time of Registration at the Registration Desk. CD’s must be named and have only one item per disc . Please ensure that CD’s are clean and in good condition. The Committee will provide a CD player and staff to operate said equipment.  If using an iPod/pad each backing track must be on a separate playlist and have no lock code (flight mode must be turned on )

28. The use of microphones is not permitted.

29.A city band is a performing ensemble consisting of members of the woodwind, brass, and percussion families of instruments, along with the double bass or bass guitar.



30. The use of any digital devices including mobile phones, cameras or video cameras by members of the audience during competition is prohibited. Offenders may be removed from the auditorium. The Committee reserves the right to record, photograph, broadcast and /or telecast any part of the competition.

31. The Committee reserves the right to have present, on occasions, Media Photographers, or Official Photographers and to photograph items for the purpose of publicity and use such for promotional purposes at any time. Winners’ names may be made public to the local media.

32. Authorised Photographers may be present filming and photographing the performances for sale to the parents or competitors. Entry to the Eisteddfod is subject to the approval of this happening.



33. STAGE EFFECTS: No lighted candles, sparklers or any lighted flame is permitted, nor any flammable props such as hay bales.

 34 LIGHTING: The standard lighting rig at the Horsham Town Hall (HTH) is used for all sections

35 CURTAINS:. No front of stage curtain to be used.

36 SOUND:  A CD player and operator will be provided (further notes pertaining to this are above in the general advice (item #27)).

37 Access to backstage dressing rooms: Adults in this area must have a working with children card. Schools must provide any parents who need access to these dressing rooms with a name tag clearly stating parent’s name and school otherwise access will not be permitted. Parents are not allowed to remain backstage or side stage. These areas are subject to Horsham Town Hall capacity rules and a sign in/out sheet will be provided.


38. The Committee reserves the right to cancel or otherwise amend sections if insufficient entries are received.

39. The decision of the Committee in all questions and disputes arising out of or not provided for by these conditions shall be final. All entries are received subject to this proviso and shall not be subject to any appeal at Law.

40. Excluding the Competition Schedule and Running Sheet, the copying by any means of any Wimmera Music Eisteddfod publication is not permitted without the written permission of the Committee.

41. Lost property will be retained by the committee for a period of 6 months after which it shall be disposed of or donated to charity.



42. The Wimmera Music Eisteddfod has a child protection policy in place. It can be viewed on our website (www.wimmeraeisteddfod.com). It follows guidelines as laid down by the Victorian State Government. Volunteers will be required to have a relevant working with children's check before entering certain areas of the Horsham Town Hall.


Secondary School Age
042Secondary School Age Ensembles Ensembles     Secondary School Age

Session: 26/07/2019 2:00 PM    Time Limit: 10:00

Ensembles 4+ players

Ticket Sales and Theatre will open 30 mins before Start of Session

Entries Closed
Entry: $30.001st Trophy + $50          2nd Trophy          3rd Card          HM Card          
Primary School Age
041Primary school age Ensembles Ensembles     Primary School Age

Session: 26/07/2019 2:00 PM    Time Limit: 10:00

Ensembles 4+ players

Ticket Sales and Theatre will open 30 mins before Start of Session

Entries Closed
Entry: $30.001st Trophy + $50          2nd Trophy          3rd Card          HM Card