2020 Border District Eisteddfod
Duo & Trio Sections
21 May 2020 to 24 May 2020
(To be confirmed after receipt of Entries and Programming has been finalised)
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21st – 31st May 2020




Entries DUE:  Friday 27th March 2020



Entry fees

Solos                       $6

Duos/Trios              $10

Improvisations       $3

Groups                    $15


This year entry and payment will be via the Stardom Competition Online Entry System.


Assistance or enquires for Dance:

Rebecca Telfer





1.      Every care will be taken for competitors’ safety, but the Committee will not be responsible for any injuries sustained by any competitor and or damage to property during the Eisteddfod.

2.      By entering the Border District Eisteddfod you agree to abide by the rules and regulations as outlined in the Schedule.

3.      Entries will not be accepted unless accompanied by the correct entry fee.  Entry fees are not refundable unless section is cancelled by the Committee or there is an error in the program. Late entries will not be accepted.

4.      For dance, age is determined as at 1st January of the year of competition. The committee reserves the right to ask for proof of age.

5.      All competitors are required to register at the marshalling area at least 10 minutes before their section.

6.      Competitors must be aware of copyright responsibilities.  The Border District Eisteddfod is in no way responsible for personal breach of copyright.  If in doubt, APRA & AMCOS may be contacted directly or speak to your dance teacher.

7.      Competitor’s names and/or photographs may be used for promotional or marketing purposes.  Should this not be appropriate the Eisteddfod Committee MUST be notified.

8.      The adjudicators decision is final.

9.      Unless specifically invited by the adjudicator, contact with the adjudicator must not be made directly by teachers, competitors or parents.

10.  No routine is to be performed more than once.

11.  Time limits must be observed.  These are the maximum- an item may be shorter than the limit but not exceed it.

12.  Due to lack of space, only officials are allowed side stage/in the wings during performances.  Exceptions are for:

·         Competitors 8 years and under performing solo items. 

·         Demi Character and Song and Dance items where props are required.

·         Group items.

      Only one supporter be they teacher, parent or friend will be allowed side stage in these    


13.  Prompting, except by an adjudicator is not permitted.

14.  Competitors who stop during a performance and leave the stage may re-appear but for comments only.  No mark or place will be awarded.  The exceptions being 6 years and under, who may re-appear and be marked or placed at the Adjudicator’s discretion.

15.  In the individual solo and improvisation sections competitors may enter no more than once per section.

16.  In duo and trio sections, competitors may perform twice in these sections with different partners in any one section.  In duos & trios, the eldest performer must enter the relevant age section.

17.  In Improvisation sections, competitors will listen once to music chosen by the adjudicator before choreographing their own dance.  No props to be used and competitors must wear standard class or exam attire.

18.  A minimum of four competitors for group entries.

19.  No voice accompaniment allowed during Song and Dance routines.

20.  Students are to use the audio equipment provided.  Good quality CDs must be provided with one item per CD.  Please bring back up CDs/ipod. A 3mm plug will be available to connect phones/laptops. Music is to be played by a suitable person (parent, dance teacher, friend etc) from the music desk, next to the adjudicator desk.

21.  No flash photography or recording of routines (including mobile phone recordings) are permitted during performances.

22.  Adjudicator comment sheets can be obtained from the table at the back of hall.

23.  The Convenor reserves the right to split or combine sections depending on entry numbers.


MOST PROMISING AWARDS MOST PROMISING BALLET DANCER. Any age. To be chosen by the Adjudicator. 

MOST PROMISING TAP DANCER. Any age. To be chosen by the Adjudicator. 

MOST PROMISING UP-TEMPO JAZZ DANCER. Any age. To be chosen by the Adjudicator. 

MOST PROMISING NEO-CLASSICAL/SLOW MODERN DANCER. Any age. To be chosen by the Adjudicator. 

MOST PROMISING CONTEMORARY DANCER. Any age. To be chosen by the Adjudicator. 

MOST PROMISING HIP-HOP DANCER. Any age. To be chosen by the Adjudicator. 

MOST PROMISING SONG & DANCE ITEM. Any age. To be chosen by the Adjudicator.


6 years and under - Highest combined points of THREE dances 

8 years - Opens - Highest combined points of FIVE dances 




CHAMPION GROUP 12 YEARS & UNDER. Awarded to the group with the highest mark. 

CHAMPION GROUP 13 YEARS & OVER.  Awarded to the group with the highest mark.


 A $400 scholarship to be used to pay tuition fees, awarded to the dancer with the highest Age Aggregate.

201a Any Dance Duo or Trio     8 Years & Under

Session: 21/05/2020 12:00 AM    

multiple entries must be different genres

Entries Closed
Entry: $10.00
201 Any Dance Duo or Trio     10 Years & Under

Session: 21/05/2020 12:00 AM    

multiple entries must be different genres

Entries Closed
Entry: $10.00
202 Any Dance Duo or Trio     12 Years & Under

Session: 21/05/2020 12:00 AM    

multiple entries must be different genres

Entries Closed
Entry: $10.00
203 Any Dance Duo or Trio     13 Years & Over

Session: 21/05/2020 12:00 AM    

multiple entries must be different genres

Entries Closed
Entry: $10.00