2019 City of Warrnambool Eisteddfod
Vocal Championship / Aria
24 May 2019 to 26 May 2019
(To be confirmed after receipt of Entries and Programming has been finalised)
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It is a requirement that each individual performer, group or school, sanction the recording of performance (unless there is a specific reason - for instance, legal condition - for exclusion).

Please be aware publicity shots may be taken during the Eisteddfod. Please advise the Convenors if there is a specific reason - for instance, legal condition - for exclusion of a particular performer.

'Recording of Performance Release' form available on our website is to be handed in at registration.

NOTE: Recorded performances and photography will only be used for advertising the Eisteddfod and will remain the copyright of City of Warrnambool Eisteddfod Society Inc.




    b.   Age limit means the age of the competitor on January 1st unless otherwise stated in the special conditions accompanying each Section.

    c.   Competitors must perform in their own age group or section marked OPEN. The Committee reserves the right to reschedule, divide or combine with other age groups when necessary.




                   As listed at the beginning of each Section.


    b.   ON-LINE ENTRIES ARE NOW AVAILABLE.  GO TO www.stardom.com.au

    c.   Daily Running Sheets will be available on-line through the STARDOM system.

    d.   The Committee reserves the right to refuse any entry.

    e.   The Committee reserves the right to alter the timetable if circumstances require.

    f.    No entry will be recorded unless accompanied by full fees payable on-line through STARDOM or by cheque. THERE WILL BE NO REFUND FOR NON APPEARANCE IN ANY SECTION. 

    h.   Entries in group items are not valid unless the name of each competitor is noted. Orchestras, choirs, calisthenics and dance teams and debate teams are exempted. NO SUBSTITUTES CAN BE MADE.


    a.   Competitors must report to the Registrar AT LEAST 30 MINUTES BEFORE THE COMMENCEMENT OF EACH SECTION (Speech & Drama and Debating excepted) and must furnish a copy of the item to be performed for  the Adjudicator.

    b.   NAMES OF COMPETITORS IN GROUPS. The number of competitors appearing in each item must be handed to Stage Manager at the time of registration. This is to comply with Occupational Health and Safety requirements. Calisthenics exempted.

    c.   Competitors must perform different compositions when competing in more than one section. Any competitor may join another partner(s) for the same prize in duo or trio sections but must present a different item. Vocalists may sing in several choirs for the same prize.

    d.   Competitors must compete as listed in the official program (no substitutions). If not present when called disqualification may occur at the discretion of the registrars.

    e.   Competitors in all sections must adhere to ALL the conditions laid down by the Committee. THE DECISION OF THE COMMITTEE SHALL BE FINAL in all questions and disputes arising out of or not provided for in these conditions.

    f.    Novice Sections are for competitors who have never won a first prize at any previous competition prior to 2018. PLEASE NOTE:IN THE INSTRUMENTAL SECTION OF MUSIC THE DEFINITION OF NOVICE IS DIFFERENT IN 2018.

    g.   Prompting (or demonstrating) during a performance of any item is strictly prohibited. This includes assistance from any singing or dancing teacher. Failure to comply may result in disqualification. Special needs competitors may be assisted by an Integration Aide as deemed necessary by the listed teacher/coach.

    h.  Time limits, where specified, will be strictly adhered to.

    i.    Rehearsals are not allowed on the stage during the Eisteddfod.

    j.    No competitor may present the same item more than once in any section.

    k.   Choirs: one conductor may conduct any number of sections or choirs.

    l.    All competitors must have NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, ADDRESS & CONTACT PHONE NUMBER entered on their enrolment forms.

    m.  Duo, Trio and Troupes: one group on stage and two groups in marshaling area allowed.

    n.   Special needs will be taken into consideration.



    a.   The adjudicator’s decision on the suitability of any item is final.

    b.   Communication with the adjudicator, either by competitors or interested parties, is ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED. The Committee reserves the right to disqualify any competitor who breaches this condition.

    c.   ALL MUSIC for the music section must be presented in good order. ALL BARS TO BE NUMBERED.

    d.   A detailed critique will be provided for each competitor in each section and may be obtained at the registration table as soon as possible after the relevant section is completed.

    e.   The adjudicator reserves the right to withhold any prize where insufficient merit has been displayed.

    f.    The Committee reserves the right to appoint a substitute adjudicator.



    a.    All vocal music must be presented in good order to the Accompanist ONE MONTH PRIOR to the performance.  Manuscript copy will not be accepted.  A request for an official accompanist must be noted on entry. A late request may be refused.

    b.    Accompanist fee is included in entry fee.

    If you require the official accompanist it must be noted on ENTRY.  Manuscript copy will not be accepted. A late request may be refused.



    a.    The Committee reserves the right in any age limit competition to withhold any prize money until a competitor has furnished (at his/her own expense) a birth certificate or copy thereof.

    b.    PROTESTS must be made in writing and presented to the Secretary/Convenor within 15 minutes of the Adjudicator’s decision, accompanied by a fee of $10 for a group or $5 for a soloist. This fee will be forfeited if the protest is deemed to be frivolous.

    c.    TIES:  In the event of a tie prize money will be divided between place-getters and full aggregate points will be awarded to all place-getters. If a trophy dance is tied both competitors will receive a trophy, however the second trophy will be sent to the competitor after the eisteddfod is ended.

    d.    PHOTOCOPIES:  The Committee takes no responsibility for any copyright infringements relating to the submission of photocopied music. Entrants submit photocopies at their own risk. All photocopied sheets including Speech & Drama will be destroyed after the performance.

    e.    Any recording of performances by members of the audience or competitors is strictly prohibited. Offenders may be asked to leave the hall.

          Performances are copyright.

    f.    STAGE EFFECTS: No lighted candles, sparklers or naked flames are permitted. The Committee provides stage lighting and audio amplification.

    g.   MUSIC & EQUIPMENT: The Committee will not accept responsibility for music and equipment used in competition.

    h.   PERPETUAL TROPHIES are to be held by the winner(s) for a period of 11 calendar months and must be returned to the Secretary 1 MONTH prior to the commencement of the competition. Any change of address of a winner must be notified to the Secretary.

    i.    INSURANCE: The Committee requires ALL COMPETITORS to be responsible for insuring themselves and support staff against personal injury arising out of participation in the competitions.

    j.    The Stage Manager, a Committee member or the Adjudicator has the right to stop any item if a competitor has suffered an injury, or is at risk of doing so.  Items so stopped may be performed and adjudicated normally, at an appropriate time, provided they can be done safely.

    k.    No official First Aid attendants available for all sections.


    ALL ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BY 10/05/2019 11:59:00 PM (AEST)
    001 Oratorio (Cantatas Accepted) Solo     Open

    Time Limit: 06:00

    Entry: $10.001st $90          2nd $40          3rd $30          
    002 Art Song in Any Language (Except German) Solo     Open

    Time Limit: 05:00

    Entry: $10.001st $50          2nd $25          3rd $15          
    003 Lieder Solo     Open

    Time Limit: 06:00

    Entry: $10.001st $50          2nd $25          3rd $15          
    004 Recital Championship Solo     Open

    Time Limit: 12:00

    Two contrasting songs, one of which must be sung in Italian or French, excluding Opera, Operetta and Oratorio. Songs Chosen to be of general entertainment value, presented as a unit of songs with a similar theme but contrasting styles.

    Entry: $20.001st $300          2nd $100          3rd $50          
    006 City of Warrnambool Aria Solo     Open

    Time Limit:

    Competitors are required to introduce their Arias and briefly describe their character. Competitors will sing two Arias. Finalists must be available for an interview with the Adjudicator at least one hour before the Final. Registration: 11 am Aria Final: 1 pm Winner $2,000 .Encouragement Award of $500 & 4 runners up $200. Six competitors will be selected to be finalists in the City of Warrnambool Aria.

    Entry: $0.001st $3500          2nd Encouragement Award + $500          3rd $200          4th $200          5th $200          6th $200          
    005 City of Warrnambool Aria - Heats Solo     Open

    Time Limit: 10:00

    Six competitors will be selected to be finalists in the City of Warrnambool Aria.

    Entry: $30.00EA