Royal South Street Eisteddfod 2017
The Arts for All
05 Nov 2017 to 08 Nov 2017
(To be confirmed after receipt of Entries and Programming has been finalised)

The Arts for All



VENUE: RACV Goldfields Resort - 1500 Midland Hwy, Creswick VIC 3363

ADVISORY COMMITTEE: Phill Cutts, Jodie Delgos, Narelle Fairweather, Rebecca Garlick, Tim Harris, Brett Macdonald, Mary-Rose McLaren, Jacqui Olston, Bec Paton, Michael Porter, Kelly Ransley, Christine Tammer, Julie Wiseman & Kim Yearwood


DATE:  Tuesday 7th November


Soloists $8

Groups (2+ people) $16



 First $25 & Medal

Second $15 & Medal

Third $10 & Medal

Honourable Mention & Highly Commended – Ribbon


First $50 & Certificate

Second $30 & Certificate

Third $20 & Certificate

Honourable Mention & Highly Commended – Ribbon


All participants will receive a participation ribbon




  1. Maximum time limit for all performances is 5 minutes
  2. Carers/ parents/ guardians/ teachers may perform/ appear/ assist a group or soloist
  3. Backing tracks should be in MP3 format on a USB.
  4. All Soloists and groups must complete the Pre-Registration form accessible via




  1. Only hand held props will be permitted on stage


  1. Bands and soloists (when relevant, for large instruments) must submit a stage plan and equipment request form by October 6th to, this form is available for download from


  1. Black rostrum blocks are available for use.


  1. Competitors may use a backing track, self accompany their item or bring their own accompanist. An accompanist is NOT provided.
  2. The Society will provide: a keyboard, microphones and CD/MP3 player.


  1. COPYRIGHT – I/we declare that all necessary licences for copyright have beenobtained and only originals or licensed copies will be used in accordance with copyright laws and agreements.


I/we certify that if I/we will be performing in the Royal South Street competitions from a printed copy, it will be either an original published edition; a photocopy, transcription or arrangement that is accompanied by written authorisation from the copyright owner authorising that photocopy, transcription or arrangement; or an original published edition where both the work and edition are out of copyright (in the public domain).


I/we recognise failure to comply with copyright conditions and procedures outlined on our website as well as information supplied to competitors prior to the commencement of our competition - will result in the competitor being unable to compete.


  1. RISK – I/we recognise that the Royal South Street Society is insured for public liability which does not comprehensively cover injury to performers, and that individuals or schools must ensure that they are adequately covered whilst performing in these competitions or otherwise enter at their own risk.

  2. PHOTOGRAPHY & RECORDING – I/we acknowledge the Royal South Street Eisteddfod reserves the right to record, film, broadcast, telecast, live stream, videotape or photograph any entrant, item or event in the eisteddfod without notification.  Any such photograph, recording or broadcast may be used at the eisteddfod’s discretion for publicity or promotional purposes, including competition results, photos via electronic and printed media at our discretion but shall not necessarily constitute an endorsement of any participants, and no remuneration or compensation whatsoever shall be attributable to any participants so featured.


I/we agree to Royal South Street appointing official photographers and videographers to record/photograph/ live stream any/all of my/group performance during the competition these photographs and videos can be retained, broadcast, telecast by Royal South Street for marketing, publicity and archival purposes, by submitting your entry you have automatically granted permission for this. Copies of photographs and videos will be made available to competitors/groups to purchase through the officially appointed photographers. If for any reason you do not wish to have your individual/group performance photographed or recorded it is your responsibility to submit an official request in writing (annually) to the Royal South Street office advising your objection by no later than 14 days prior to the performance date. Individuals/ teams may only be exempt from live streaming in the case of exceptional circumstances such as legal issues it is your responsibility to submit an official request in writing (annually) to the Royal South Street office advising your objection by no later than 14 days prior to the performance date. This email must be sent to and include the date, section number and performance number of the item.


  1. PERSONAL DETAILS (eg. Name, locality, and age category of sections) are published in the “Guidebook” and competitors should be aware that such details may be used by media outlets. Any further information concerning a competitor will not be provided to anyone without the competitor’s express permission.

  2. CONDITIONS – Competitors/guardians acknowledge that I/we have read and agree to abide by the “General Conditions of Competition”, and “Special Conditions of Competition”. Competitors/guardians acknowledge that failure to comply with any of the foregoing rules and conditions may result in disqualification, the withholding of prizes, and a future bar in competition. The decision of the Board or relevant discipline committees in all questions or disputes arising out of or not provided for, by these rules and regulations will be final. All entries are received according to this condition and in the spirit of friendly competition upon which the eisteddfod is based; accordingly no dispute shall become the subject of any appeal at law.

  3. MEDICATION – Competitors/guardians acknowledge that it is the responsibility of individual competitors who require medication to ensure that they carry it with them at all times and have it side stage in the event they should require it. It is the individual competitor’s responsibility to have a responsible person present to administer the medication in case of an emergency. 
















Primary/Junior School Students
1000 Dance Solo     Primary/Junior School Students

Entries Closed
Entry: $8.001st Medal + $25          2nd Medal + $15          3rd Medal + $10          HC Ribbon          HM Ribbon          
Secondary Students
1001 Dance Solo     Secondary Students

Entries Closed
Entry: $8.001st Medal + $25          2nd Medal + $15          3rd Medal + $10          HC Ribbon          HM Ribbon          
1002 Dance Solo     Open

Entries Closed
Entry: $8.001st Medal + $25          2nd Medal + $15          3rd Medal + $10          HC Ribbon          HM Ribbon          
1003 Dance Group      Open

Entries Closed
Entry: $16.001st Certificate + $50          2nd Certificate + $30          3rd Certificate + $20          HC Ribbon          HM Ribbon