Classical Voice Singing Competition 2021
Classical Voice
25 Sep 2021 to 26 Sep 2021
(To be confirmed after receipt of Entries and Programming has been finalised)
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Competition Requirements

Competitors in the Unit 1+2 Division

  1. Competitors are to present one accompanied song of their choice. It does not have to be drawn from the VCAA Approved Classical Voice Syllabus, however it must be in the classical style.  


Competitors in the Unit 3+4 Division

  1. Competitors are to present one accompanied song of their choice in the heat. 

  2. In the final, competitors must perform a total of three songs. 

  1. Re-perform their song from the heat. 

  2. A second song in a language that is different to the piece from the heat. 

  3. An unaccompanied song. 

Unit 3+4 competitors must only perform music from the 2021 VCAA Approved Classical Voice Syllabus. Any works chosen from the Music Theatre and Crossover list must be from an operetta or musical, and sung in a legit style.  

Competition Guidelines
  1. Competitors must sing in the Classical style. 

  2. Songs chosen to perform must be on the current VCAA Approved Classical Voice Syllabus, except for the Unit1+2 division where competitors may source repertoire from elsewhere.

  3. Accompaniment is by a single instrument. Piano accompanist provided at competition. 

  4. All items are to be performed from memory, except for Arias from Oratorio which may be performed with music.  

  5. Props are not required. 

  6. At the conclusion of each heat, the adjudicator will announce a First and Second place for the heat. 

  7. At the conclusion of all heats, finalists will be notified by a phone call. All other competitors will be notified of the result via email. 

  8. At the conclusion of the final, all competitors from the competition are welcomed to a free masterclass with the adjudicator.

Dress Code: Please refer below for full details. Competitors are not to perform in school uniform. 

  1. A competitor performs an item in a heat or section. 

  2. COMPETITOR – A competitor may be one person.

  3. Entry fees are not refundable except unless the event is cancelled. 

  4. A competitor may be of any age, but must be enrolled in Unit 1+2, or 3+4 Music Performance at a day school that offers VCE study. Competitors not currently enrolled in VCE Music Performance are ineligible to compete. Competitors may be asked to furnish proof of enrolment. The committee reserve the right to withhold a prize until such proof has been sighted. 

  5. Competitors completing Music Performance Unit 1+2 are only permitted to enter into the Unit 1+2 Division, and competitors completing Unit 3+4 Music performance are only permitted to enter the Unit 3+4 division. Any breach of this rule and competitors will be automatically disqualified. 

  6. The competition is open to VCE students only. 

  7.  Only one entry is allowed from each competitor.

  8. Competitors who have been taught by the adjudicator in private tuition (workshops excepted) in the last 6 months may not enter the competition

  9. The adjudicator has the right to refrain from awarding a prize where insufficient merit has been displayed.

  10. The adjudicator’s decision will be final in all heats and the final.

  11. Any approach to the adjudicator by a competitor, parent, teacher or friend of the competitor, during the competition, is strictly forbidden.

  12. Use of microphones is not permitted.

  13. No prompting or assistance of any kind may be rendered to a competitor in a section during a performance except by the adjudicator. For breaches of this rule, disqualification will be enforced.

  14. Teachers and parents will not be allowed side stage during performances without special permission from the competition committee.

  15. The theatre technician will set stage lighting for all sections. No special effects will be permitted.

  16. No rehearsal or practice is permitted on the stage while the competition is occupying the venue. Any competitor not observing this condition will be disqualified.

  17. Rude, aggressive and un-cooperative behaviour of teachers, parents or competitors during the competition may result in disqualification and possible barring of the related entrant(s) from competing in the coming 12 months. Please Refer to our code of Conduct Policy for detailed expectations of appropriate behaviour.

  18. Entrants must provide a copy of music for the adjudicator. This copy is to be handed to the Registration Desk at least 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the heat. Heat number and the competitor’s number must be written at the top of the copy and bars must be numbered in red pen. (Only sheet music for the item being performed in the heat is to be handed in. Then, if successful in gaining a place in the final, all three pieces must be handed in at least 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the final.)

  19. Entrants must make copies of sheet music from original or officially authorised sheet music displaying copyright endorsement. Please label clearly with section number and competitors number. Failure to comply with copyright regulations will render a competitor ineligible.

  20. Competitors acknowledge they compete at their own risk

  21. The committee and the competition as an organisation does not take responsibility for instruments or properties.

  22. The stage manager or adjudicator has the right to stop any item if they are of the opinion a competitor has suffered a serious injury, or there is possible risk of serious injury. The ultimate safety of the competitor is always to be considered.

  23. The Committee reserves the right to:
    (a) Divide a section.
    (b) Cancel or combine any section with three (3) competitors or less.
    (c) Award only one prize if a section has less than three (3) competitors on the day.
    (d) Appoint a substitute adjudicator if required.

Units 1+2
101 Vocal Solo Unit 1+2 Section Solo     Units 1+2

Competitors must be enrolled in Unit 1+2 Music Performance to compete in this section.

Entry: $10.001st Certificate + $100          2nd Certificate + $50          HM Certificate          
Units 3+4
102 Vocal Solo Unit 3+4 Heat Solo     Units 3+4

Competitors must be enrolled in Unit 3+4 Music Performance to compete in this section. Competitors will be allocated a heat. 6 top scoring competitors will progress to the final. The winner of the final will receive a $500 prize, along with a scholarship for two coachings, and the invitation to return to the competition as a guest performer the following year.

Entry: $10.001st Certificate          2nd Certificate          
Pre-VCE Year 7+8
103 Classical Vocal Solo     Pre-VCE Year 7+8

Competitors must be in either year seven or eight to enter, and must perform one classical song of their choice.

Entry: $10.001st Certificate + $100          2nd Certificate + $50          HM Certificate          
Pre-VCE Year 9+10
104 Classical Vocal Solo     Pre-VCE Year 9+10

Competitors must be in either year nine or ten to enter, and must perform one classical song of their choice.

Entry: $10.001st Certificate + $100          2nd Certificate + $50          HM Certificate