The RJK Optometry 47th Annual Coffs Harbour & District Eisteddfod
Schools Day
07 Jun 2019 to 10 Jun 2019
(To be confirmed after receipt of Entries and Programming has been finalised)
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(To be read in Conjunction with ‘General Rules’ )

1.       All sections in both Groups and Solos (except Mature and Motivated/Teacher Feature Section) are open to amateurs only. Professional dancers and teachers who derive a living from dance are not permitted to compete at the Coffs Harbour and District Dance Eisteddfod. (NB: Student Teachers helping with the instruction of pupils in any form of dance may compete but must dance in Open sections) – see Student Teacher Declaration on Entry Form. Where it is identified that a Teacher (not Student Teacher) is participating in a Group or Solo section (other than Mature and Motivated and Teacher Feature) that Group or soloist WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.  

2.       Full time dance students will not be permitted to compete at the Coffs Harbour and District Dance Eisteddfod. The definition of ‘FULL TIME DANCE STUDENTS’ for the purpose of competing in this Eisteddfod is any dancer enrolled in a full time education dance course in any dance discipline regardless of actual hours involved. (E.g.: Certificate IV, Diploma or Bachelor of Dance).  

3.       Discourtesy to other competitors, volunteers, parents or the Dance Committee will not be tolerated and may lead to disqualification of the solo performer or their Group. The Committee reserves the right to ask someone to leave who is causing disruption or refusing to follow direction of the Committee or an official in the Auditorium. The Committee’s decision is final. 

4.       Appropriate Language and Choreography. Please ensure that the content of all performances is appropriate for all audience age groups. Bad language, adult costuming and themes are considered inappropriate for Eisteddfods. Disqualification is at the discretion of the Adjudicator or Committee.

5.       Prompting or assistance of any kind must not be given. Parents and Teachers must leave the stage area during an item except for Groups and Solo Sections 8 Years and Under (one support person only) and Baby Groups (up to 2 support persons).  During Solos and Groups the Backstage Assistants will help with props as required i.e. if a prop needs to be handed to a dancer. 

6.       The WorkCover Authority requires that all electrical equipment e.g. hairdryers, hair straighteners etc. be inspected by an authorised electrician and be tagged as required.

7.       Curtains will not be used.

8.       The Adjudicator may abbreviate or stop a dance at their discretion. This does not mean rejection. 

9.       In the event of a section receiving less than 3 entrants, the committee reserve the right to merge age sections.

10.    TIME LIMITS WILL BE ENFORCED. The Adjudicator is entitled to ring off any competitor who does not adhere to the time limits as described in the schedule. Please choose your music accordingly.


Maximum: 3 mins



Maximum: 1½ mins

Junior:                          Maximum: 3½ mins


Maximum: 3 mins

Intermediate:                Minimum:  2 mins; Maximum: 3½ mins


Maximum: 3½ mins

Open:                           Minimum:  2 mins; Maximum: 4 mins 





Under 6, 8, 10, 12


Maximum: 4 mins

Under 14-Open Age Maximum:  6 minutes

11.    PROPS: NO SCENERY ALLOWED. Simple hand-held props (basket, scarf, doll, flowers, etc.) are permitted only if used in the routine. Each entrant is responsible for placing and removing their items on stage. Props must be easily carried backstage by the entrant without any assistance. No props requiring assembly on site will be permitted for safety reasons. Due WH&S requirements, props are to be brought backstage at the start of the section and removed at the end of the section.  Due to limited change room space, we ask that props are promptly removed at the end of the session.

12.    No vocals will be permitted on CD in Song and Dance routines.  



13.    No individual can perform more than twice (2 times) in any one group section. If an individual performs more than twice in any section, all groups in which they have performed will be disqualified. 

14.    Groups must consist of a minimum of four (4) competitors. The Dance Committee reserves the right to combine age groups to ensure their inclusion.

15.    Small Group sections are scheduled for Jazz and Contemporary groups. There must be a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 9 competitors per group with a maximum of two (2) groups from the same Dance Studio per section.

You may not repeat routines which are entered in other Group sections.

16.    Teacher Feature: Teacher/s must be on stage for 50% of the dance and the performing teacher/s are to take an individual bow at the end of the dance for the benefit of the Adjudicator and audience. Teacher Feature may include any combination of students across all ages.


SOLOS (Including Duo/Trio)

17.   Competitors may dance in one solo only for each style of dance with the exception of Championships and Scholarships. No competitor will be allowed to perform the same item twice with the exception of Scholarships. A competitor may not dance in a Novice section and an Open section in the same style. A competitor may not dance in multiple age groups in the same style.

18.   Competitors must qualify in their Open (not Novice) solo sections in their respective age divisions to be eligible to compete in their relevant Championships.  Championship dances must be different to age qualifying dances.

19.   Duo/Trio: Competitors dance in the age section of the eldest competitor. A competitor may perform more than once in the Duo/Trio section but in a different style and cannot substitute partners after entry has been accepted.

20.   Improvisations: Music will be chosen by the Adjudicator. (Competitors in Demi-Improvisations will be shown the prop/s or theme if applicable before hearing the music). Plain leotard must be worn. If coloured leotard, no more than two (2) colours. No patterns, lace, mesh or floral leotards. Plain shorts or plain short ballet skirt may be worn. No adornments such as flowers, headbands, earrings, glitter etc.   

21.   6 years and Under - Encouragement Solo (500): This section is non-competitive, but will receive an adjudication critique. It is designed to nurture our young dancers. Each competitor will receive an Encouragement Award and a gift. A dancer may enter in this section twice, provided that a different style has been chosen from the following:  Classical, Demi-Character, Jazz, or Tap. Entrants are unable to compete in Under 8 sections if they compete in this section.


22.   Own Choreography: Dancers are to choose own music and choreograph own dance. Costume to suit dance. The composition must be the student’s own work with no teacher assistance.  



23. Private videography and photography with any device is prohibited in the auditorium or the change rooms at all times. The Coffs Harbour and District Eisteddfod Society has engaged professionals who have sole rights and comply with the Information Privacy Act. Breaches of this rule may cause disqualification of the studio represented by the infringing parent/s or friends. Rules and regulations as set down by Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA). Compliance with Copyright Law is the responsibility of the individual. Each competitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Coffs Harbour and District Eisteddfod Society Inc. against any breach of Copyright. Each Competitor is responsible for obtaining permission from the copyright owner. These rules are in accordance with the directions of APRA, the Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society (AMCOS) and Copyright Agencies Limited (CAL). All entrants will be required to supply their studio’s APRA registration number in their Stardom entry.  



24. The CHDES Inc. has contracted the services of an Audio and Lighting Technician. The technician will not accept any responsibility for music which will not play, or is played incorrectly. We request that music is burnt on a CD-R and not a re-writable CD or DVD. There is to be only one track per CD. It is your responsibility to label CDs correctly. All music must be cut, or faded as required. We recommend that CDs are left in their case when they are submitted to the librarian. 

Please label CDs and covers as indicated: 


     Name: Imma Dancer       Section No: 111A       Section: 12 Years and Under - Jazz        Competitor No: 1    Start: Off/On  


Competitors in Demi-Character Sections must have Section Number, Competitor Number, and Name of Dance clearly written on their CD.  

We suggest the competitor leave a backup copy of their music - either on CD or iPod - with their carer, in the unlikely event that a technical error should occur. The Coffs Harbour and District Eisteddfod Society Inc. will not accept any responsibility for lost or stolen CDs and, therefore, recommends that originals not be used.


25.All mobile phones and electronic devices must be turned off while in the auditorium.  Dancers in Improvisations and the Team Choreography competition must not have access to mobile phones or other electronic devices.  



26.The stage is covered by Tarkett. PLEASE check tap shoes for protruding screws. Stage performance dimensions are approximately:     

Woolgoolga High School

10.20 meters wide x 6.20 meters deep

Jetty Memorial Theatre

7.50 meters wide x 7.50 meters deep



a.        Teams to consist of a minimum of 4 and maximum of 10 dancers. Each member of the team must perform in at least two other group dances, any style, at the Eisteddfod.

b.       Each team will be provided with a separate room to rehearse and will be separated from the rest of the Eisteddfod participants and their teachers until after the performance so each team will need to bring water and refreshments.

c.        Teams will be given a piece of music chosen by the Adjudicator, on the morning of Saturday, 8 June 2019, prior to the commencement of Saturday’s sections and they will have three hours approximately (or as deemed by the Dance Committee) to choreograph a dance of any genre.

d.       Studios may enter more than one team but participants must be different in each team and the first team entered must have the minimum number of 6 dancers before a second team is entered.

e.       Each team is to dress in plain black dance pants or plain black dance shorts and plain black leotard or plain black tshirt.

f.         No team member is to have in their possession a mobile phone or any electronic device. A CD player will be provided.

Discovery of any such device will mean the disqualification of the team.

g.        The Dance Committee will provide any props/costuming deemed necessary. All teams will be provided with exactly the same props/costuming. The Adjudicator may take the use of props/costuming into account when making their decision if they felt it added to the performance.

h.       Each team will be supervised by an independent adult volunteer at each rehearsal location. Each Supervisor will be in attendance at their appointed studio with the music and props/costuming as deemed necessary at 8.45am on Saturday, 8 June 2019 for a 9.00am start. Teams will need to meet at their appointed location, which will be advised to the Dance Studio prior to the date of competition ready for a 9.00am start.  Local studios entering are asked to provide both an adult volunteer and a space for their groups and an additional space for visiting groups if possible.


i.         Teams will be judged on:

§  Interpretation of the music              

§  Choreography (to be team’s own work)        

§  Teamwork

§  Technique and presentation.

j.         Teams are NOT allowed to jump off the front of the stage due to WHS requirements. Teams may sit on the front of the stage but may not exit the stage from the front. 

891 School Groups Infants - Own choice Group     Infants (K - 2)

May combine different years together. Groups consist of 4 or more. Number of Awards dependent upon number of entries in Section.

Entries Closed
Entry: $13.00
892 School Groups Primary - Own choice Group     Primary (3 - 4)

May combine different years together. Groups consist of 4 or more.

Entries Closed
Entry: $13.00
893 School Groups Primary - Own choice Group     Primary (5 - 6)

May combine different years together. Groups consist of 4 or more.

Entries Closed
Entry: $13.00
894 School Groups Secondary - Own choice Group     High School

May combine different years together. Groups consist of 4 or more.

Entries Closed
Entry: $13.00