Monash Youth Music Festival 2018
Two of Us - Duet of any two instruments, including voice
05 Aug 2018 to 19 Aug 2018
(To be confirmed after receipt of Entries and Programming has been finalised)
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These sections invite pairs of musicians in any combination at all to perform a piece or two (provided the total playing time is within the time limit). 

These sections are non-competitive, and offer the perfect introduction to eisteddfod performance without the pressure of competition. Participants gain valuable performance experience in front a warm and appreciative audience. The experience will greatly assist participants to prepare for future music festivals and eisteddfods.
All participants will receive a detailed Adjudicator’s report based on the standard of their piece to assist them in perfecting these pieces for upcoming school concerts or music exams. The Adjudicator will also provide feedback at the end of each section, with a 5-10 minute master class.
Participants may choose more than one piece, provided that the total playing time does not exceed the time limit.
Please note that only one piano will be available.
* See Rule No. 4 regarding AMEB grade or equivalent standard
The Official Accompanist, if required, is included in the entry fee. Please forward a copy of your sheet music to the Official accompanist at least 2 weeks prior to the event. (Private rehearsals may be organised directly with the Official Accompanist if desired, at your cost.)

Rules and Conditions of Entry
1. The competitions are open to amateurs only. An amateur is one who does not derive income from the art in which he/she is entering.
2. The age of Performers will be that at the 1st August 2018.
3. Students of adjudicators are not eligible to enter solo sections.
4. The AMEB Grade (or equivalent*) is the level at which the performer is currently studying. If in doubt, please verify with your music teacher that the level of difficulty of the piece to be performed is no higher than that of the specified AMEB grade to ensure fairness of the competition.
5. All entry fees are as scheduled. All entries must be via Payment may be made on-line by credit card or by cheque or as arranged with the Registrar. For cheque payment, mail a copy of the STARDOM invoice and the cheque (payable to The Waverley Music Eisteddfod Inc.) to The Discipline Registrar, PO Box 121, Mount Waverley, 3149.
6. In the event of a performer entering more than one section, a different program must be performed for every section entered.
7. A Notice of Appearance with date, time and venue will be forwarded to each Performer.
8. The Performer MUST register within the registration time and prior to section commencement time. The Performer must be ready to perform in order shown in the Program and/or Running Sheet as prepared by the Registrar prior to the event. A performer may be disqualified if not in the venue when called.
9. No Performer may register once the Section has commenced, unless prior arrangement has been made with the Registrar.
10. When registering, a photocopy of the music, with all bars clearly numbered, must be given to the Registrar. Only original sheet music is to be used by the Performer. Refer to COPYRIGHT NOTE Rule No. 23.
11. Soloists performing with accompaniment must use an accompanist using an acoustic instrument. Pre-recorded accompaniment is not accepted in any section.
12. Performance selections must be chosen to finish within time limits prescribed. A bell or signal will indicate the expiration of the time and the point at which adjudication ceases. Performers have 20 seconds to cease playing without penalty. Performers exceeding the 20 second overtime limit may be disqualified.
13. The Committee reserves the right to appoint alternative adjudicators and accompanists and to divide any section for adjudication.
14. In the event of an insufficient number of entries in any section, the Committee reserves the right to cancel, modify or merge the section with another. Where there are 5 or less entrants/performers in a section, the number of prizes awarded will be at the Adjudicator’s and/or Committee’s discretion.
15. No entry fee will be refunded unless a section is cancelled.
16. All performers must behave with kindness, courtesy and respect for all other performers at all times.
17. Prizes will be presented at the conclusion of each section. It is the responsibility of each performer to collect their Prizes, Certificates and Adjudicator’s Report.
18. THE ADJUDICATOR’S DECISION IS FINAL. Performers and spectators are FORBIDDEN to have direct communication with the adjudicator. Any such contact will deem the contestant in question disqualified.
19. Any protest must be made in writing to The Secretary, within one hour of adjudication, and be accompanied by a deposit of $10 to be forfeited if the protest is deemed unjustified.
20. Further information can be obtained from the Registrars or from our website. All other matters should be referred to The Secretary, PO Box 121, MOUNT WAVERLEY VIC. 3149.
21. PHOTOGRAPHS – The Committee reserves the right to photograph any performer in any section of the Monash Youth Music Festival. By submitting your entry, you have automatically granted permission for photographs to be used for marketing or grant application purposes. Please advise the Photographer if you do not wish your photo to be taken.
23. ENTRIES CLOSE 22 June 2018. No late entries will be accepted.
24. COPYRIGHT—According to APRA/AMCOS and Copyright Australia Ltd. (CAL), Performers using copyright protected sheet music (ie not from memory) MUST USE ORIGINAL MUSIC PUBLICATION, not a photocopy. A photocopy is acceptable for adjudication purposes and will not be returned. Entrants are reminded that the primary responsibility for adherence to Copyright Law rests with the person/s doing or authorising the photocopying and it is also the performer’s responsibility to acquaint themselves with Copyright regulations available from APRA/AMCOS, 3-5 Sanders Place, Richmond. 3121. ( The Committee in no way condones the unlawful copying of Copyright material.

14 years and under
N01/N02 “Two of Us” – Duet, any instrument and/or voice Duet     14 years and under

Session: 05/08/2018 10:00 AM    Time Limit: 05:00

Entries Closed
Entry: $14.001st Performance Crit Only