2018 Shepparton Young Instrumentalists Award
23 Sep 2018 to 23 Sep 2018
(To be confirmed after receipt of Entries and Programming has been finalised)






  1. ENTRY to the competition is through stardom.com. Entry is only accepted through this portal. Entry is not final until payment has been made through stardom.com.
  1. ENTRIES CLOSE three weeks before the competition date.  No late entries will be received.
  1. ENTRY AGE of the competitor shall be deemed to be the age of the entrant on the day of competition.
  1. This competition is a REGIONAL EVENT and entry is restricted to competitors from country Victorian shires. Please REFER TO THE MAP before completing your entry. ENTIRES from places outside this regional boundary will not be accepted and will be refunded.
  1. ENTRANTS may compete in older age groups as well as their own, where applicable, but may not compete in a lower age group.
  1. ENTRY FEES are not refundable except where a section has been cancelled by the organiser. Entrants are not entitled to any refund of fees in cases of non-appearance for any reason.
  1. The organiser reserves the right to;
  • Amend any section that has does not have sufficient entries.
  • Cancel, divide or combine any section.
  • Add additional sections to the competition at any time.
  • Vary prize money, in cases where insufficient entrants perform.
  • In cases where less than three (3) performers compete, only one prize may be awarded.


  1. ACCOMPANIMENT: Music that has an accompaniment must be performed with a live accompanist.
  1. ACCOMPANISTS must play from original hard copy music where appropriate, or be able to produce the original on the day. Exceptions include online purchase of a score or lyrics/chords used in contemporary vocal sections where an original purchase could not be made.
  1. It is the competitor’s responsibility to PROVIDE THEIR OWN ACCOMPANIST.
  1. RECORDED ACCOMPANIMENTS are only permitted in Woodwind, Brass, Percussion, Contemporary Voice and Music Theatre, where the publication specifies a recorded accompaniment. Where a piano accompaniment is provided it must be used.
  1. ACCOMPANIMENT PLAYBACK must be provided by the competitor, such as CD, ipod, phone or computer. An amplifier will be provided to each section by the organiser for the competitors use. There will not be any provision for sound check prior to performance. Playback must be run by an assistant provided by the competitor, and must not hold up the running of each section.
  1. RECORDED ACCOMPANIMENTS are not permitted for Classical Vocal or Orchestral Strings classes.


  1. PHOTOCOPIED SCORES OR PARTS must be provided for the adjudicators for each piece to be performed. These must be provided to the registration desk at the time of performer registration.
  1. PHOTOCOPIES must not contain any distinguishing marks or stamps that identify the competitor in any way.
  1. Adjudicator’s photocopies must have EACH BAR CLEARLY NUMBERED throughout. Contemporary Vocal performers should provide approximate bar numbers on a lyric sheet where piano/guitar music is not available for purchase.
  1. In compliance with COPYRIGHT RULES no photocopies will be returned after competition. All copies will be shredded at the conclusion of the event.


  1. Sections may have INSTRUMENT SPECIFIC STIPULATIONS; it is the competitor’s responsibility to read and adhere to those stipulations.
  1. HIGH STANDARDS of appearance or behaviour apply to all competitors, and may form part of the official adjudicators report and/or awarding of ‘Stage Presence’ awards.
  1. STAGE PRESENCE AWARDS are based on the following performance conventions:
  1. Competitors announce their pieces before they perform,
  2. Consider where they stand on stage in relation to the audience and accompanist,
  3. Enter the stage confidently and look clearly at the audience,
  4. Acknowledge their accompanist (where applicable), and
  5. Acknowledge applause with a brief bow.
  1. TIME LIMITS apply to each section and will be strictly enforced. Time limits are a maximum time; performances must be less than those times. Any competitor who performs longer than the time permitted will be given a report only, and will not be awarded a placing or prize money.
  1. An ADJUDICATORS REPORT will be provided to each competitor. The report is handed to each competitor during the awarding of places, or can be collected from the registration table at the conclusion of each section.
  1. The ADJUDICATORS DECISION IS FINAL, and no correspondence will be entered into.


  1. FIRST PLACE WINNERS in these sections will be automatically included in the Gala Final at the conclusion of the sections:
  • S016, S019, W016, W019, B016, B019, P016, P019, V161, V162, V163, V191, V192, V193.
  1. ADJUDICATORS at their discretion may select additional competitors for the GALA FINAL.
  1. COMPETITORS AND ACCOMPANISTS who qualify for the GALA FINAL are expected to have made themselves available to perform in the final, which will be held at 5:30PM on the day of competition.  

Under 12 Months Tuition
P001 Pianoforte Solo     Under 12 Months Tuition

Session: 23/09/2018 9:00 AM    Time Limit: 03:00

For students in their first 12 months of tuition.

Entries Closed
Entry: $11.001st Prize & Certificate + $30          2nd Prize & Certificate + $20          3rd Prize & Certificate + $10          HM Certificate          
16 Years & Under
P016 Pianoforte Solo     16 Years & Under

Session: 23/09/2018 9:00 AM    Time Limit: 06:00

Entries Closed
Entry: $16.001st Prize & Certificate + $40          2nd Prize & Certificate + $25          3rd Prize & Certificate + $15          HM Certificate          
10 Years & Under
P010 Pianoforte Solo     10 Years & Under

Session: 23/09/2018 9:00 AM    Time Limit: 03:00

Entries Closed
Entry: $11.001st Prize & Certificate + $30          2nd Prize & Certificate + $20          3rd Prize & Certificate + $10          HM Certificate          
19 Years & Under
P019 Pianoforte Solo     19 Years & Under

Session: 23/09/2018 9:00 AM    Time Limit: 08:00

Entries Closed
Entry: $18.001st Prize & Certificate + $50          2nd Prize & Certificate + $30          3rd Prize & Certificate + $20          HM Certificate          
13 Years & Under
P013 Pianoforte Solo     13 Years & Under

Session: 23/09/2018 9:00 AM    Time Limit: 04:00

Entries Closed
Entry: $14.001st Prize & Certificate + $30          2nd Prize & Certificate + $20          3rd Prize & Certificate + $10          HM Certificate