66th Annual Cowra Eisteddfod
Piano Championships
03 Jun 2019 to 06 Jun 2019
(To be confirmed after receipt of Entries and Programming has been finalised)
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NB Rule 31 – Competitors must enter 2 other piano solo sections.

(See Rule 22, 27, 28) Grand piano used for the Intermediate & Open Championships.

Rules of the Eisteddfod

1.       The Adjudicator’s decision will be final.


2.       A Late Entry Fee will apply for entries up to one week after the closing date.  Online entries are now the preferred mode of entry.


3.       No entry will be accepted unless accompanied by the full entry fee.   The Committee reserves the right to refuse any entry.  No refund will be made for any entry fee paid unless the section is cancelled. Competitors are advised to check their Invoice on receipt of entry. No changes can be made once the programme has been printed.


4.       Protests, accompanied by a $50 fee, must be lodged in writing, setting out fully the circumstances of the protest with the Office within 30 minutes of the Adjudicator’s decision being announced.


5.       Competitors must be ready to take their place on the stage at the time appointed, and in the order in the programme (unless otherwise required under Rule 9).  Failure to comply could lead to disqualification.


6.       In all sections (including groups) subject to an age limit, the age of the competitor (groups as per age of the oldest competitor) will be taken as at the designated opening day of the Eisteddfod.  The Committee reserves the right to call up any competitor at any time to furnish, at his/her own expense, a birth certificate (or copy) and can, at its discretion, withhold any prizemonies until such certificate is furnished.


7.       In Duo and Trio sections, competitors must provide, the name & birth date of each competitor at the time of entry. No changes can be made once the programme has been printed.


8.       No cameras, video cameras, audio recorders or mobile phone cameras are to be used in the auditorium during any session due to the Privacy Act.  Please switch off all mobile phones in the auditorium.


9.       The Committee reserves the right to amend the programme at any time.


10.   No teacher will be allowed on stage with a competitor (except in the Special Needs Sections) unless as an accompanist or conductor.  This rule will be strictly enforced.


11.   Prompting, except by the Adjudicator, will not be permitted in any section (except the Special Needs Sections).


12.   The Committee reserves the right to arrange for adjudication by any person, at any time, whether or not that person has been named or appointed as adjudicator.  Officials of the Committee ONLY may approach the adjudicator.  Failure to comply could lead to disqualification of the competitor.


13.   The Committee invests the adjudicator with the power to withhold any prize where he/she is of the opinion that insufficient merit has been displayed.


14.   A bell may be rung at the end of the time limit and competitors must leave the stage within 5 seconds.  Time limits are to be strictly adhered to. Disqualification or not will be at the discretion of the Adjudicator.




Rules of the Eisteddfod

15.   The competitor must not have been a pupil of the adjudicator in the six months prior to the Eisteddfod.


16.   NO REHEARSALS are allowed on stage during the Eisteddfod.


17.   Entry fees include a written adjudicator’s report in all sections, which should be collected from the office 15min after the end of the section.


18.   Musical accompaniments are not allowed in Recitations.


19.   Prizes will be awarded on the following scale (unless stated otherwise): 

3 entries – 1st prize only;  5 entries – 2nd prize;  8 or more entries – 3rd prize. 

Sections of 20 or more entries may be split, at the discretion of the committee.


20.   a)  It is essential that there be a minimum of 3 entries in all solo sections (including    Scholarships and Championships), otherwise competitors may be placed in another    suitable section or the section cancelled. 

     b)  Each duo pairing in Dance Sections will be limited to 2 entries per age section.


21.   In own choice sections, competitors MUST provide Adjudicators a copy of the item to be performed, in compliance with Rule 23.  If a speech piece is not printed, it must be typewritten and properly punctuated.  All must be marked with the Section and Competitor numbers and handed in to the foyer office at least 15 minutes before their section.


22.   COPYRIGHT:  The law of Copyright applies to the Eisteddfod.  It is the responsibility of each competitor to adhere to the Act.

a)  Original music, poetry, etc., must be used for performance.  If out of print, or in the case of re-arranged or transposed music, a licensed stamped copy may be used.

b)  Copies of music, poetry, etc., will be accepted for the adjudicator (must be marked ‘adjudicator’s copy’).  In the case of the accompanist, copies may be used for easier turning but original music must also be brought on stage.

c)     All non-licensed copies will be destroyed after the performance.

d)    All Dancing competitors must sign the warranty on the Entry Form.

e)     Pre-recorded accompaniment must comply with copyright law.

f)      If in doubt, please refer to AMCOS, Pte Box 2135, NORTH SYDNEY  2059.

g)     Cowra Eisteddfod Inc. programmes are covered by copyright and cannot be reproduced without permission of the Committee.


23.   The Committee provides competent official accompanists for the Vocal, Choirs, Band and Instrumental Sections, but if desired, the competitor may provide his/her own accompanist for the vocal or instrumental sections.  The adjudicator may take into consideration of the performance, any action or failure of conduct, by any accompanist not provided by the Committee. 


24.    If using the official accompanists (see page 3), contact must be made and music must be forwarded to the accompanist at least 7 DAYS PRIOR TO COMMENCEMENT of the Eisteddfod.  Only music or manuscripts, which are LEGIBLE, will be accepted.  Failure to comply can render disqualification. 




Rules of the Eisteddfod

25.   The committee will provide a competent person to play CDs for all Disciplines of the Dancing sections.  CDs (in common format) must be set ready to play (do not leave a long lead in), clearly marked with the Dance School AMCOS No., SECTION NO. & COMPETITOR NO.  Music must have fade in and fade out and one piece of music only per CD.  All music must be handed in at least 15 minutes before the section starts.  Late and/or incomplete labelling of CDs could mean disqualification. 


26.   Competitors competing in more than one age group or section must not repeat the same routine or item.


27.   Competitors entering in championships must not repeat the same routines or items used for age/open sections, unless otherwise stated.


28.   Prizewinners in the ARIA and MAJOR sections must be prepared to appear in the Grand Concert, if requested by the Committee.  The Committee, at its discretion, can withhold prizemoney for non-compliance of this rule.


29.   RESTRICTED means not having won a first prize solo or championship in that particular category, at any eisteddfod or competition up until the closing date of entries.


30.   Competitors are permitted to enter EITHER Restricted OR Non-Restricted, but not BOTH, in that particular category, eg.  piano, recorder, etc., regardless of age group. 


31.   Competitors entering all CHAMPIONSHIPS, ARIAS AND/OR SCHOLARSHIPS must also enter and COMPETE in 2 other SOLO SECTIONS of the same type.


32.   All prizewinners of Championships are to be presented with their prize on stage in costume.


33.   For a pointscore trophy, points will be awarded on an 8 for 1st; 5 for 2nd; 3 for 3rd;and 1 for HC basis for age groups only.


34.   All care will be taken in compiling the syllabus and the programme, and the Committee reserves the right to rectify any errors or omissions that may appear in prizemoney or items.


35.  A Yamaha C3E Grand Piano and a Yamaha U3AS upright piano are the instruments provided by the Cowra Council.  Contact Council to make an appointment if wishing to see or practise on these instruments before commencement of the Eisteddfod.


36.  All electrical items brought into the hall must have been inspected for safety and tagged in the previous twelve months. 


Session: 05/06/2019 2:00 PM    Time Limit: 15:00

2 pieces - music chosen from a) Baroque Period; b) from 1820 to the present day. Lachlan Valley Shield & replica.

Entries Closed
Entry: $23.001st Trophy + $300          2nd $100          HC Certificate          
13 - 19 YRS

Session: 04/06/2019 7:00 PM    Time Limit: 08:00

Music to be chosen from the Classical/Romantic Period. Cowra Marine Centre Shield & replica

Entries Closed
Entry: $21.001st Trophy + $100          HC Certificate          
12 YRS/U

Session: 05/06/2019 9:00 AM    Time Limit: 06:00

Any work from the Classical/Baroque period. Betty Meredith of Cootamundra Memorial Trophy & replica

Entries Closed
Entry: $16.001st Trophy + $50          2nd $25          HC Certificate