75th Bathurst Eisteddfod
Open Concerto
22 Aug 2020 to 12 Sep 2020
(To be confirmed after receipt of Entries and Programming has been finalised)
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"Encourage ......Entertain......Enjoy"

The 2020 Bathurst Eisteddfod will held at:

Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre - William Street Bathurst - Music and Dance

Walshaw Hall - 9 Church Street Bathurst - Speech and Drama

Entry Guidelines

 1. Entries are to be completed online by Wednesday 8th July 2020, via the Stardom Online Management System "Stardom" at www.stardom.com.au   

 2. If you are unable to access Stardom, please contact the Secretary at bathursteisteddfod@gmail.com or 0427372358

 3. Stardom will provide you with an entry confirmation upon completion of the entry. Responsibility for correct entry rests with the entrant.

4. Each individual invoice includes an Administration Fee $3.00 and an Insurance Fee of $2.00 per individual competitor. Each solo competitor needs to have their own Stardom entry. That is one competitor per entry on Stardom. This does not apply to duos/trios or groups/troupes.

5. All 2020 Bathurst Eisteddfod entries are to be paid by Credit Card. 

6. If the eisteddfod is unable to proceed due to Covid 19 restrictions entries will be refunded minus the $3 Stardom Admin fee.

7. The Bathurst Eisteddfod Committee reserves the right in its sole discretion to implement policies and procedures, restrictions and requirements for the running of the 2020 Bathurst Eisteddfod to comply with government restrictions as a result of Covid - 19 pandemic. All competitors, guardians of competitors and audience members may be required to provide contact details. There may also be delays in relation to hygiene and sanitization procedures implemented by the Bathurst Eisteddfod Committee or BMEC that need to be adhered to for the competitors, family members and our volunteers safety.

Late Entries

No late entries will accepted.

The Bathurst Eisteddfod reserves the right to :

a) refuse an entry.

b) cancel or combine sections due to entry numbers.

c) demand proof of age of an entrant.

d) appoint a substitute adjudicator.

General Rules

1. Age Limits for Solos, Duos, Trios, Quartets, groups up to five members, large ensembles six members or more and groups are to be taken as at 30th September, 2020.  

2. Time limits set our in the Syllabus music be adhered to. Entrants who exceed the time limit may have marks deducted and may not be considered for a prize.  

3. Restricted Sections are strictly for those competitors who have never won a first prize in that section in any Eisteddfod in any age group. 

4. As a legal requirement of this event NO unofficial photography or recording of any kind is permitted within the venue. An official Bathurst Eisteddfod photographer/ videographer has been appointed.
5. All personal electronic devices must be turned off to avoid distraction and/or interruption to the performers, the Adjudicator and other audience members. 

6. Competitors ARE NOT to be in possession of electronic devices during any improvisation sections (DANCE and SPEECH) Failure to comply will result in instant disqualification in that section.

7. No teacher is to be on stage with a competitor unless as an official, an accompanist or conductor. Parents and teachers will not be allowed side/back stage unless required by the Eisteddfod Committee (with the exception of School choirs, Bands and Dance Groups).

Photography / Videography

1. The Bathurst Eisteddfod has appointed an official photographer/videographer for 2020. Bathurst Eisteddfod therefore reserves the right to record or photograph any entrant, item or event in the Eisteddfod without notification.

2. In extenuating circumstances an entrant or family member of an entrant may advise the Eisteddfod via email: bathursteisteddfod.p@gmail.com or bathursteisteddfod.vp@gmail.com at least 24 hours or more prior to a scheduled that their child must not be photographed and their photo is not to be shared.

Performance Rules

1. All competitors compete AT THEIR OWN RISK. The Eisteddfod Society takes no responsibility for any accident or personal loss or injury, however caused. This includes any loss, theft or damage to any personal property.

2. Professionals - This Eisteddfod is not open to professionals. A professional is defined as a person who earns the major part of their income from the practice of the art or who uses the art as a primary means of livelihood. 

3. Dress Code - standard of dress is as important as the performance. Personal presentation appropriate to a stage appearance may be taken into consideration. Care should be taken with language and gesture.

Competitors in all Championship events should ensure that their dress and presentation is appropriate to a concert performance. 

4. All competitors, teachers and parents should ensure that works performed are suitable for a "family audience". Care should be taken with language, gesture, costuming, movement, lyrics and concepts. Adjudicators may reserve the right to  disqualify performers presenting unsuitable material.

5. Rehearsals - Rehearsals are not permitted on stage during the Eisteddfod. 

6. Supervision - All school aged performers are to be supervised at all times.

7. Props and equipment must be brought into the Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre through the designated back door of either the Theatre or the Hall no later than half an hour before the session commences. All equipment must be removed from the stage and the venue at the conclusion of the session.

8. Entrants are to appear in numerical order as listed in the program - with the exception of circumstances approved but the Eisteddfod committee. No person may take another person's place in the program.

9. No competitor shall perform the same item in more than one section - unless specifically noted in the syllabus. (The exception is the Scholarship).

10. No competitor shall perform the same item which they won first place in 2019. All performances will be checked and those found to be repeating a winning piece will not be considered for a place. (This does not include Dance sections)

11. Should a competitor (10 years and under) break down and leave stage during a performance for any cause  - they shall be allowed to perform again. This is subject to the Adjudicators discretion and time constraints for "adjudicator comments only"

Check in

1. Competitors in ALL sections must report to the Copies Table upon arrival to "Check In". This must be NO later than Fifteen Minutes prior to the commencement of the session. The Copies Table can be found inside the main door of both the Theatre and Hall.

2. Competitors who have not reported as present prior to the beginning of their section may be considered ineligible to perform unless notification has been given to the presiding Committee member.

3. ADJUDICATOR COPIES - Music and Speech and Drama require a copy of the sheet music, band chart or scripts being performed to be handed in at the Copies Table for the Adjudicator. This must not contain any names of the competitors.

4. All music and scripts to be marked:    Competitor number and Section Number ONLY!

5. Dance CD's and Accompaniment backing tracks must also be submitted at the Copies Table -  Competitor number and Section Number - Starting on or off stage.

Technical Rules

1. Whilst all care will be taken in compiling the Syllabus and Program, the Committee reserves the right to make any changes necessary to preserve the integrity and efficiency of the Bathurst Eisteddfod.
2. The decision of the Bathurst Eisteddfod Committee will be final. All entries are therefore deemed to be made subject to this condition. 

3. ALL sections are run at the discretion of the Committee - The Bathurst Eisteddfod Society Committee reserves the right to combine/split or remove any sections due to entries where required.

4. Prompting or coaching is not permitted by anyone other than the Adjudicator. Anyone found to be doing so will not be considered for a prize.

5. Protests must be lodged in writing at the Eisteddfod Office within 30 minutes of the Adjudicator's decision accompanied by a $25 fee which is refundable if the protest is upheld. A decision will be provided within 48 hours. The Committee's decision will be final.



The Bathurst Eisteddfod holds an Australian Performing Rights Association (APRA) licence. An entrant may supply the adjudicator with an unlicensed copy of the piece providing that:

1. The original is used by the entrant for the performance and / or 

2. The Eisteddfod destroys any copies supplied immediately following the performance.

The performance of an "Own Composition" is not liable to copyright laws. When supplying an adjudicators copy of an own composition, competitors must write "OWN COMPOSITION"  in bold at the top to the piece  

Prizes / Trophies

1. Trophies - All perpetual trophies remain the property of the Eisteddfod and will need to be returned approximately 3 weeks prior to the 2020 Eisteddfod.

2. Prize Money -  All monetary prizes
must be collected from the Eisteddfod Office by the last day of the Eisteddfod. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of prize money.


1. Competitors must not have been a pupil/pupils of the adjudicator during the six months prior to the Eisteddfod.  Competitors may not be a family member of the adjudicator.

2. Communication with the adjudicator either by entrants, teachers or other interested parties during the Eisteddfod is strictly prohibited. The Committee reserves the right to disqualify any entrant for breach of this rule.

3. The decision of the Adjudicator is final. No discussion will be entered into, with the exception of an official protest.

Tickets and Programs

1. Printed Programs may be pre ordered on the Stardom Website. Due to time constraints programs will not be posted but available for pick up from Donna Callista, 54 Keppel St. Bathurst. Any left at commencement of Eisteddfod will be taken to the eisteddfod office for collection. Cost will be $10.00

2. A limited numbered of printed programs will be available at Eisteddfod venues. 

3. An online program can be preordered on Stardom and emailed directly. These are available at a cost of $5 per discipline.

4. Daily session tickets, day passes and season passes are available at Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre from the commencement of the Eisteddfod.


Enquiries can be directed to the relevant coordinators on:  

President: Mrs Renee Fowler - bathursteisteddfod.p@gmail.com

Vice President: Mrs Donna Miller - bathursteisteddfod.vp@gmail.com

Dance Coordinator - Mrs Sue Ellis -  bathursteisteddfod.dance@gmail.com

Music Coordinator - Mrs Hollie Coleman - bathursteisteddfod.music@gmail.com

Speech Coordinator - Mrs Jane Kensit -  bathursteisteddfod.speech@gmail.com

Secretary - Ms Reema Doueihi - bathursteisteddfod@gmail.com

Eisteddfod Dates 2020:  (Please note these are proposed dates and may be subject to change)     

Music - Solo - Saturday 22nd August - Wednesday 26th August

Speech and Drama - Solos - TBA. Please watch FB and our Website for updates. Proposed Saturday 22nd August - Monday 24th August and Saturday 29th August - Monday 31st August. 

Dance Solos & Duos/Trios Thursday 27th August - Sunday 6th September.   




184 Concerto Solo     Open

Time Limit: 12:00

Competitors to perform the first or third movement of a Concerto on their chosen instrument. Bar numbers should be marked on the adjudicator copy.

Sponsored by ITP Bathurst

Entries Closed
Entry: $15.001st $200          2nd $100          3rd $50          HC Certificate