74th Bathurst Eisteddfod
Open Concerto
25 Aug 2019 to 14 Sep 2019
(To be confirmed after receipt of Entries and Programming has been finalised)
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Concerto Entry Guidelines and Rules:

a) Competitors can perform the first or third movement of a Concert Post 1750.  Must be of a minimum 6th Grade standard.

b) Competitors in ALL sections must report to the Copies Table upon arrival to "Check In". This must be NO later than Fifteen Minutes prior to the commencement of the session. The Copies Table can be found inside the main door of both the Theatre and Hall.

c) Competitors who have not reported as present prior to the beginning of their section may be considered ineligible to perform. 

d) Music competitors are required to provide an Adjudicators copy of their sheet music, band chart etc to be performed to be handed in at the Copies Table. This must not contain any names of the competitors.

e) All music adjudicators copies to be marked:    Competitor number and Section Number ONLY!

f)  Accompaniment backing tracks must also be submitted at the Copies Table. They must also be marked : Competitor number and Section Number

Please refer to the overall Entry Guidelines and General Rules of the Bathurst Eisteddfod. If you have any questions please email the Music Coordinator: bathursteisteddfod.music@gmail.com

170 Concerto Solo     Open

Session: 07/09/2019 1:00 PM    Time Limit: 12:00

Competitors to perform the first or third movement of a Concerto on their chosen instrument. Bar numbers should be marked on the adjudicator copy.

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Entries Closed
Entry: $16.001st $200          2nd $100          3rd $50          HC Certificate