2021 Adelaide Eisteddfod
Woodwind Division
13 Aug 2021 to 15 Aug 2021
(To be confirmed after receipt of Entries and Programming has been finalised)
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for Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe, Bassoon and Recorder

Convenor: Jackie Newcomb ph:0415576618, email:aeswindconvenor@gmail.com

Dates: Friday August 13th to Sunday August 15th


187 Unley Road, Unley

Adjudicator: Alan Aungles

Admission: $10

2020/21 Adelaide Eisteddfod Members and children 12 years & under free of charge

The closing date and time for all entries is 5 pm  Central Australian Time, Friday April 9th, the last day of the first school term.   Late entries/late payments will not be accepted.

It is important that entrants read the rules for each section and the general rules of the competitions: for example General Rule no. 10 states that no competitor shall perform the same item in more than one section unless this is specifically noted in the syllabus as being allowed for that section.   General Rule no. 12 states that a competitor winning a first prize in the Adelaide Eisteddfod in the previous two years may not present the same winning item/s of music in this year's eisteddfod.

Entries and Fees
All entries are to be made and paid on-line via www.stardom.com.au using the Stardom payment system. The Stardom invoice becomes the Stardom receipt following payment. 
Each competitor pays a fee per section entered, plus a single administration fee appearing on the computer-generated invoice after all required sections have been entered. Sections for other family members and other divisions in the eisteddfod may be entered on the one invoice.

*Where age limits apply the age of a competitor as at 30th June 2021 will be used to determine entry, unless otherwise stated.

*The Eisteddfod Council reserves the right to cancel any sections which in its opinion have attracted insufficient entries and refund entry fees, or to divide or combine any section/s in consultation with entrants.

NOTE: Competitors may enter the same section on more than one woodwind instrument.

NOTE: Other opportunities for woodwind players are available in the Adelaide Eisteddfod Concerto and the Eisteddfod Ensemble Event.

Competitors, teachers and parents are advised to read the General Rules and Conditions carefully.
In addition, Competitors entering the Woodwind Division should note that:
1. They may play any number of pieces or movements unless otherwise specified, provided that the specified time limit is not exceeded.  The interval between pieces and movements will not be timed.  Competitors may enter a section on more than one woodwind instrument.
2. In Grade Sections, works from the current Syllabi (any recognised music examinations, such as AMEB, ABRSM, Trinity College London, St. Cecilia or Australian Guild of Music and Speech) for the grade level being entered must be played.  Competitors who have entered a Grade Section where they are obviously more advanced than the level entered can be disqualified by the Adjudicator if he/she feels that there is a discrepancy or after receipt of a protest.
3. Competitors may only enter two under age sections in any given year.

4. In under age sections previous First Prize Winners may re-enter the section in which they gained their prize in the following year only.  For all other sections previous First Prize Winners are ineligible to enter again a section in which they were awarded First Prize.  However competitors may enter a section again playing a different woodwind instrument.
5. In Sections where age limits apply, the age of the Competitor as at June 30, 2020, except for W939 where the date is December 31, 2021.

6. A legible piano score copy of the music to be performed must be provided for the Adjudicator.
7. In Section W437 competitors are asked to provide the title and duration of the works to be performed at the time of entry.  These are the works that must be performed by the competitor unless the competitor has applied in writing to the Convenor no later than four weeks before the scheduled date for permission to change the works.  The works being performed will be checked during booking in.  Competitors who have not received permission to change their works will be allowed to perform but will be disqualified from receiving any awards.
8. Competitors in the Woodwind Division should take note of General Rules 15 and 21; these refer to booking in requirements and the order of competing.
9. Please refer to General Rule No 17 about ‘prompting, coaching, conducting or directing’ of a competitor by a member of the audience.

10. For a complete performance if a piece of music has an accompaniment it should be performed with the accompaniment.   It is difficult for an adjudicator to consider a performance for an award if it is performed without the accompaniment because part of the skill of performing is collaborating with the accompanist.

BOOKING IN: Could each competitor please have his/her name and the names of works and their composers clearly written on a sheet of paper ready to hand in to the booking-in person.   This doesn't apply to Section W437 because this information has been provided at entry.

An encouragement award of $50 will be awarded to a double reed player who performs in the Woodwind Division.   This is supported by the Geoffrey Hackett-Jones Double Reed Trust.

The Gabor Reeves Woodwind Medallion will be presented to a woodwind player for excellence in performance.   Gabor Reeves was a clarinetist in the Queensland, Sydney and Melbourne Symphony Orchestras before coming to Adelaide in 1964 to teach at the Elder Conservatorium.   He became a foundation member of the University of Adelaide Wind Quintet.   He left Adelaide in 1974 to teach at the Sydney Conservatorium.   Gabor Reeves died in May 2008.

W425 Woodwind Solo     11 years and under

Time Limit: 03:00

Own choice. Competitors may enter this section more than once if presenting different instruments.

Sponsored by Society of Recorder Players SA

Entries Closed
Entry: $18.001st Medallion          2nd Medallion          3rd Medallion          
W426 Woodwind Solo     13 years and under

Time Limit: 04:00

Own choice. Competitors may enter this section more than once if presenting different instruments.

Sponsored by Derek Jones

Entries Closed
Entry: $18.001st Medallion          2nd Medallion          3rd Medallion          
W427 Woodwind Solo     15 years and under

Time Limit: 05:00

Own choice. Competitors may enter this section more than once if presenting different instruments.

Sponsored by Anna Lester & Anon

Entries Closed
Entry: $18.001st $75          2nd $35          
W435 Woodwind Solo     Grade 5/6

Time Limit: 07:00

Grades 5 and 6. Prizes for this section are VOUCHERS provided by PRESTO MUSIC REPAIRS. Own choice. Competitors may enter this section more than once if presenting different instruments. Music from the current AMEB Syllabi or the syllabi for any other recognised music examinations such as ABRSM or Trinity College London to be presented. Music from the current Music for Leisure Syllabi may be used.

Sponsored by Presto Musical Repairs Pty Ltd

Entries Closed
Entry: $18.001st Voucher ($80)          2nd Voucher ($40)          
W437 Woodwind Solo     Grade 7 and Above

Time Limit: 00:00

Grades 7 and above. THE TIME LIMIT IS 06:00 MINIMUM. Own choice. Competitors may enter this section more than once if presenting different instruments. The title of the work(s) to be played and the duration is to be indicated on the entry form by the competitor. Please read Woodwind Division Rule No 7.

Sponsored by the Robert McCallum Brown Memorial Trust

Entries Closed
Entry: $20.001st $110          2nd $50          
W939 Any Wind or Brass Player Solo     25 years and under

Time Limit: 15:00

WIND AND BRASS RECITAL One or more works which demonstrate your technical and interpretive capabilities within a suggested time limit of 15 minutes. General Rules 10, 11, 12 and 13 do not apply and any piece performed in another section or which has won a first prize may be played in this section. Time limit - 15 mins. maximum. Competitors from this section aged 25 years or under on December 31, 2021, may be selected to compete in the South Australian Final of the MBS Young Virtuoso Award. NOTE: $20 is REFUNDED when performer arrives to play.

Sponsored by Robert Fletcher

Entries Closed
Entry: $65.001st $250          2nd $150