Launceston Competitions 2024
Division 19 - Character or Demi-Character - Duo/Trio
04 Jul 2024 to 13 Jul 2024
(To be confirmed after receipt of Entries and Programming has been finalised)
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All schedules are available on the Association’s website –

As well as on the Stardom System.

Entries will be received using the Stardom Entry System

STARDOM.COM.AU from 1st February, 2024

Closing date for entries - 22nd March, 2024



1. Entries

All entries must be completed through Stardom. STARDOM.COM.AU  Entries will open on 1st February, 2024 and close on 22nd March, 2024.  No late entries will be accepted.

Please ensure that all entry information is correct.  

Copies of all schedules are available on the Association’s website (  

Professional performers may enter as Open competitors only.

A competitor's age shall be reckoned as at 1st January.  If requested, competitors must be prepared to produce a Birth Certificate.

Teachers may notify the Secretary of any student requiring special consideration in order to perform.

Please note that in 2024 exact numbers performing in group sections need to be included on the entry form.


2. Programme

The programme will indicate the order in which competitors are to perform.  Changes will only be made if permission has been sought from the Secretary before the respective section begins.

Competitors may be disqualified if they are not present when called upon to perform.

The Committee reserves the right to alter or amend the programme at any time.  

Any misprinting of the programme is no reflection of the rules.  All rules are to be followed from the schedule.


3. Adjudication

In all classes, prizes will be awarded according to the decision of the Adjudicator, who may not necessarily award any or all placings.

In the event of a tie for first prize in any item, the first and second prize shall be divided between the two competitors.

Aggregate awards are decided on a point sum basis: first 7, second 5, third 3, HC 1.  

No discussion should be entered into at any time with the Adjudicator unless permission is given by the Secretary.

All decisions of the Adjudicator must be accepted as final subject to the following:

(a) Protests in any class must be in writing, signed and lodged with the Secretary within 2 hours of the Adjudicator's decision together with a deposit of $20.

(b) The Committee shall appoint three of its number to a panel of appeal which shall hear any protests as soon as practicable after receipt by the Secretary.

(c) The deposit shall be forfeited if the protest is deemed trivial by the panel.


4. Performances

A competitor must not use the same item more than once during the current season of the competitions.

No competitor may use an item with which he or she has previously been awarded a first prize in any class of the Launceston Competitions for more than two consecutive years.

The Committee reserves the right to disqualify any competitor whose item is deemed unsuitable.

No competitor shall address the audience from the platform either during any session excepting where such address is intrinsic to the performance.  Any competitor violating this condition will be liable to disqualification and forfeiture of prizes.

Time Limits will be strictly applied.  Failure to comply with time limits may result in a penalty.

Every care will be taken for the competitors’ safety, but the Launceston Competitions Association will not be responsible for any

injury sustained by a competitor during the competitions.  Teachers and/or parents should be responsible for basic first aid


No performance is to be videoed, photographed, recorded or uploaded to social media.


5. Theatre Rules

Due to fire regulations, teachers are advised that the use of straw or bales of hay are not permitted.  Naked flames are not permitted on stage; this includes candles.

The committee will not be responsible for music or stage property not claimed on the day of performance unless owners have permission from the Secretary to leave these in the theatre.

The lift backstage at the Princess Theatre cannot be operated during a session.  Please ensure that any props, music stands or equipment are at the theatre half an hour before the commencement time of the session involved.   All props must be named. They must be removed from the stage area after use and not stored backstage.

No food items or liquids are allowed on stage.

All electrical items for use on the theatre and dressing rooms must be tagged by a certified electrician.  This is the responsibility of each school or teacher and failure to comply will result in the appliance being confiscated.

A sound system is available for use at the Princess Theatre and Earl Arts Centre.  Music should be provided on a lap top, tablet or mobile phone device. Competitors are responsible for organizing an operator to play any backing tracks.  There is no theatre technician or competition volunteer to do this.


6. Copyright Bylaw  

Entrants may perform only from original or licensed copies from publishers.  Adjudicator's and accompanist's copies may be photocopies.  The Adjudicator's copy will be destroyed after the performance.  Competitors are responsible for royalty payments if necessary.  The Association will take no responsibility for copyright infringements by entrants.


The decision of the Committee in all questions and disputes arising out of, or not provided for, by these conditions shall be final. All entries received are subject to this provision and will not be subject to any appeal at law.

Under 13 Years
Class 636 Character or Demi-Character Duo or Trio     Under 13 Years

Entries Closed
Entry: $15.001st Medals          2nd Medals          3rd Medals          HC          
Under 10 Years
Class 637 Character or Demi-Character Duo or Trio     Under 10 Years

Entries Closed
Entry: $15.001st Medals          2nd Medals          3rd Medals          HC          
Open Any Age
Class 634 Character or Demi-Character Duo or Trio     Open Any Age

Entries Closed
Entry: $15.001st $30          2nd $20          HC          
Under 16 Years
Class 635 Character or Demi-Character Duo or Trio     Under 16 Years

Entries Closed
Entry: $15.001st Medals          2nd Medals          3rd Medals          HC