BUNBURY WA Performing Arts Eisteddfod 2019
Speech & Drama
30 May 2019 to 27 Jun 2019
(To be confirmed after receipt of Entries and Programming has been finalised)
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NB: Norehearsal is allowed on stage during the Eisteddfod.

GeneralConditions:  Prompting is not permitted.  No second starts are permitted.  Performers are not to enter into audienceseating areas during their performance.

Curtainsand Effects: No use of tabs,scrims or fly bars is permitted and nothing is to be attached to curtains.  A small choiceof colour washes is set by the theatre.  Spotlights,special lighting effects and cyclorama lights are not available.  Blackouts during aperformance are not permitted.  Nolighted candles, naked flames, sparklers, or pyrotechnics are allowed.  Performances may begin and end with ablackout if the performer provides a helper to advise the operator when to cuethe lights.

Copyright: All entrants must provide a copy of thescript/prose/poetry for the adjudicator. All entrants must adhere to copyright rules, as thisis the sole responsibility of the entrant.

Sound: CD facilities are available but microphones are notpermitted.  The entrant must provide ahelper to advise sound operators of sound cues.  The pianos are not available.

Sets: Sets should be as minimal as possible and freestanding.  Delivery and removal of setsfrom theatre premises is the responsibilityof the entrant.  Set-up and strike timesmust be adhered to.  The theatre providesno part of any set.  Performers mustprovide their own backstage helpers, who need to wear black clothing ifentering the stage area at any time. Stage size is 10 metres deep by 12 metres wide.

Set-upand strike times:   Mono/Duologues - 1 minute to set-up, 1 minuteto strike

School Groups     - 3minutes to set-up, 2 minutes to strike

SP1013 Monologue / Recitation Solo     Junior

Entry: $15.00
SP1017 Monologue / Recitation Solo     Intermediate

Entry: $18.00
SP1033 Monologue / Recitation Solo     OPEN

Entry: $20.00
SP2113 Drama Duo/Trio     Junior

Entry: $25.00
SP2117 Drama Duo/Trio     Intermediate

Entry: $25.00
SP2133 Drama Duo/Trio     OPEN

Entry: $25.00
SP2333 Recitation Group Group     OPEN

Entry: $40.00
SP3042 School Play Group     OPEN

Entry: $60.00
SP4021 WACE Drama Stage 2 Original Performance Solo     

Entry: $25.00
SP4022 WACE Drama Stage 2 Scripted Monologue Solo     

Entry: $25.00
SP4031 WACE Drama Stage 3 Original Performance Solo     

Entry: $25.00
SP4032 WACE Drama Stage 3 Scripted Monologue Solo     

Entry: $25.00