In Motion Performing Arts Challenge 2019
08 Jul 2019 to 10 Jul 2019
(To be confirmed after receipt of Entries and Programming has been finalised)
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1. Performers dance at own risk.

2. The Committee reserves the right to substitute an Adjudicator, or appoint a co-adjudicator when necessary.

3. Costumes, choreography and musical lyrics must be appropriate for a family audience.

3a. Tights must be worn by all competitors in solos and troupes (no bare legs)

3b. Knee pads must be worn for all choreography that includes knee drops.

4. In Motion PAC is open to amateur performers only.

5. Only short tutus may be worn in Classical solo items.

6. Age for performers in all sections will be taken as of the 1st January 2018. Any Performers found to be not
dancing in correct Age Group/Section will be disqualified.  Birth Certificates may be required for Proof of
Age upon request including troupes.

7. Duos/ Trios / Troupes must be entered as the age of the oldest member NOT average age.

8. A troupe must have a minimum of 5 members.

9. Any Performer placed 1st or 2nd in any competition in the past 2 years as of 1st April 2019, must
dance in the corresponding OPEN sections. 

9a. Dancers placing in U6 sections at any competition may enter Novice in U8 sections. 

10. Time Limits are:

· 3 Minutes Solos / Duos/ Trios (excludes Song & Dance)

· 4 minutes Song & Dance

· Troupes 5 minutes maximum

All items will be timed from the commencement of performance. (Commencement of performance will
be either commencement of music or when the competitor begins to perform, whichever comes first.

Time limits will be strictly adhered to (disqualification will apply when time limit is exceeded)

11. A Performer who stops and leaves the stage during an item (excludes Sections Under  Under 8) can
reappear for a “crit” only, unless it was no fault of their own (i.e. music equipment failure etc).

12. Entry to Theatre must be paid for prior to entry to dressing rooms, performers are free. One person only with
a pass/entry wristband will be allowed side stage with competitors in Solo, Duo/Trio sections for duration of
the item. Coaching from off-stage during a performance will not be allowe

13. Adjudicator’s decision is always final, and no correspondence will be entered into during or after the event.

14. Pointe Shoes are NOT permitted in ANY sections Under 12.  Disqualification will occur.

15. Tap shoes must not be worn in the auditorium. Tapping in the change room is prohibited.

16. Committee reserves the right to refuse entries and may cancel or combine any sections that have insufficient
entrants or split sections that have a large number of entries.

17. Entries are not final until entry fees have been received.

18. Music must be presented on a CD with only 1 song on it (exception of music on other devices are at the
discretion of the committee) and must be checked in 15 minutes before section commences.

19. Scheduled times are a guide only and sessions may run early, it is suggested your troupe arrives 1 hour before
advertised times.

20. Championships

a. Performers must enter and appear in 3 other sections - any genre. Performance pieces (dances)
may not be repeated in Championship Sections

b. Performers must attend and complete the Master Class of their respective Championship genre
as they will be judged on their participation in their Master Class and their Solo performance on
Gala Night.

c. Classical Master Class attire to be worn is:

Girls – black leotard, ballet tights & pink ballet shoes

Boys – black / white leotard, black tights, black / white ballet shoes

d. Modern Master Class attire to be worn is:

Girls – black leotard, tights, foot thongs or bare feet 

Boys – black leotard, tights, foot thongs or bare feet

e. The performance piece for the Classical Championship must be a Classical piece and the
performance piece for the Modern Championship must be Contemporary or Lyrical.

f. Improvisation entries are required to wear black leotard, tights, pink ballet shoes and bun for girls.

Boys black or white leotard, black tights and black or white ballet shoes.

21. Performers may appear only once in any section including Solos/Duos/Trios and dances may not be repeated.
In solo sections, competitors may only enter in their own age group and only in Novice or Open (not both).

22. Competitors must appear in the order in which their names are listed in the programme and may only appear
once in any section, including Duos/Trios and Troupes. Competitors arriving late will be allowed to Dance at the
end of the section for a crit only. Proceedings will not be delayed due to late arrival of competitor or music.

23. Song & Dance and Song & Tap sections must not have recorded vocal in ANY part of the item. However,
recorded vocals may be used throughout the Revuette but not while competitors are singing. Pre-recorded music
must not contain tapping beats for any tap item.

24. Performers taught by the Adjudicator, on a regular basis for greater than 5 weeks within the past 12 months, will not
be eligible to enter this competition.

25. Cameras or recording equipment will not be permitted in the auditorium whilst Performers are performing, with the
exception of the video and photo personnel hired by the Committee. 
Any persons associated with a Performer or
a Dance School caught videoing or photographing performances including on Smart Phones or other Electronic
Devices will result in the disqualification of the Performer and/or the Dance School.

26. Props are permitted as long as the Performer or Teacher can place and collect from stage.  The CURTAIN WILL NOT BE

27. A Performer who has entered under a specified school at time of Entries Closing may NOT perform under a different
competitor may not dance a routine from a previous teacher, having left that school, unless permission in writing has
been granted by the former teacher.

28. Communication with an Adjudicator is strictly prohibited. If it is established that a Performer, or person associated with a
Performer, has initiated personal contact with the Adjudicator before or during a session or at any time over the duration
of the In Motion PAC, the Performer will be disqualified.
Any audience member whose conduct is off-putting to
competitors will
be asked to leave and if they are also competitors they could face disqualification. Inappropriate
behavior will not be accepted at any time.

28a Aggregate points will be allocated as follows 4 points 1st, 3 points 2nd, 2 points 3rd, 1 point HM no aggregate points will be allocated

        for sections with less than 3 competitors.

29. Scholarship Prize Money conditions:

a. Amounts published are subject to a minimum of 15 Entries for each section, conditional on sponsorships
finalised and may change without notice.  Prize Money is paid to the Performers dance school as a
scholarship for ongoing tuition.  If less than 15 Performers have entered Championships and Special
Sections, total Prize Money will be adjusted to reflect less than minimum entries. 

b. Placegetters will receive a letter detailing how to claim their Scholarship Prize money as follows:

i. Placegetters must write a Letter of Thanks to the Sponsor of their section and forward a copy of
the letter to the In Motion PAC Committee by email.

ii. Provided an Invoice from their Dance School for payment by no later than the 28th April 2017. 
Invoices received after this date will NOT be paid and Scholarship Prize money will be forfeited.

Genre Expectations

a) Classical – The Performer focuses on their Classical Technique using formalized movements and positions
of their arms, feet and body, designed to enable them to move with the greatest possible agility,
control, speed, lightness, and grace to a piece of classical dance music.  A short Tutu and ballet shoes
must be worn.

b) Demi Character/Character – a dance in ballet representing a character.

c) Neo-Classical – allows Performers to use their Classical Ballet technique to dance to modern music in
flowing costumes suited to the mood.

d) Lyrical – The Performer uses their dance skills, technique, expression and feeling through their body
movements and face to connect with and relay the story/theme and mood of the piece of music/song
chosen to the Audience.  They must tell the story.

e) Commercial Jazz – Modern Jazz style of dance to commercial music in costumes suited to the music and

f) Contemporary – Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several
dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect
the mind and the body through fluid dance movements.  Contemporary dance stresses versatility and
improvisation, unlike the strict, structured nature of ballet. Contemporary dancers focus on floor work, using
gravity to pull them down to the floor. 

g) Musical Theatre – Broadway Jazz style of dance to music from a Musical Theatre production, costumed to
match the mood/style of the music or to portray a character from the production.  No singing and no
tapping.  Performers who present a Musical Theatre piece which includes Singing or Tapping will be

h) Song & Dance – The Performer must sing a portion of the performance to showcase their vocal ability and
dance in a style that suits the music chosen and costumed appropriately. No Tapping is allowed, soft shoe
only.   Performers who present a Song & Dance piece which includes Tapping will be disqualified.

i) Tap dance is a form of dance characterized by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of

j) Improvisation - allow the Adjudicator to pick a 90 second piece of music of their choice for our Performers to
improvise their own choreography based on their interpretation of the music.

The Format is:

1. The piece of music is played once for all performers.

2. Each Performer is then played the music once prior to performing side stage.

3. The Performer then takes to the stage, when called and Performs their interpretation of the music to our

At no time does any Performer get the opportunity to watch another Performer dance on the stage.

Classical Improvisation Performers must wear:

Girls: Black Leotard, Black ½ Tutu, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes and Slick Bun.

Boys: Black Tights, White T-Shirt or Leotard, White Socks and Black or White Ballet Shoes.

Jazz Improvisation Performers must wear:

Girls: Black Leotard, Black Shorts or Black Jazz Pants and Jazz Shoes.

Boys: Black Leotard or Black Singlet, Black Shorts or Black Jazz Pants and Jazz Shoes.

No Midriffs, No Bare Feet & No Foot Thongs.

k) Own Choreography – The Performer can choose their own costume & music and choreograph their own dance
in any genre.

603 Classical Improvisation Special     Under 12

Session: 08/07/2019 1:30 PM    

Entries Closed
Entry: $20.001st Trophies          2nd Trophies          3rd Trophies          HM          
604 Classical Improvisation Special     12 & Over

Session: 10/07/2019 1:30 PM    

Entries Closed
Entry: $20.001st Trophies          2nd Trophies          3rd Trophies          HM          
609 Masterclass Special     Junior

Entries Closed
Entry: $20.001st Trophies          2nd Trophies          3rd Trophies          HM          
610 Masterclass Special     Senior

Entries Closed
Entry: $20.001st Trophies          2nd Trophies          3rd Trophies          HM          
601 Own Choreography Special     Under 12

Session: 09/07/2019 5:15 PM    

Entries Closed
Entry: $25.001st Trophies          2nd Trophies          3rd Trophies          HM          
607 Modern Championship Special     12 & Under

Session: 10/07/2019 6:30 PM    

Entries Closed
Entry: $25.001st Trophy + $200          2nd Trophy + $100          3rd          HM          
602 Own Choreography Special     12 & Over

Session: 09/07/2019 5:15 PM    

Entries Closed
Entry: $20.001st Trophies          2nd Trophies          3rd Trophies          HM          
608 Modern Championship Special     13 & Over

Session: 10/07/2019 6:30 PM    

Entries Closed
Entry: $30.001st Trophy + $200          2nd Trophy + $100          3rd          HM          
605 Classical Championship Special     12 & Under

Session: 10/07/2019 6:30 PM    

Entries Closed
Entry: $25.001st Trophy + $200          2nd Trophy + $100          3rd          HM          
606 Classical Championship Special     13 & Over

Session: 10/07/2019 6:30 PM    

Entries Closed
Entry: $30.001st Trophy + $200          2nd Trophy + $100          3rd          HM