2017 Maryborough Eisteddfod
Dance Solos, Duos & Trios
12 May 2017 to 15 May 2017
(To be confirmed after receipt of Entries and Programming has been finalised)


Rules and Regulations



All participants in the Maryborough Eisteddfod do so in a spirit of friendly competition and enhancement of performance abilities in a forum where stage experience can be gained and learned.


The event is staged with mutual respect amongst organisers, adjudicators, competitors and supporters, maintaining the spirit and integrity of the Eisteddfod tradition.


All participants in the Maryborough Eisteddfod do so in a spirit of friendly competition and enhancement of performance abilities in a forum where stage experience can be gained and learned. 

The event is staged with mutual respect amongst organisers, adjudicators, competitors and supporters, maintaining the spirit and integrity of the Eisteddfod tradition. 

Please read the following rules and regulations carefully to ensure competitors are not disadvantaged. A breach of any rule may lead to disqualification.   


1)    Under general circumstances, no late entries will be accepted.  Only under exceptional circumstances and at the distraction of the executive committee will any late entries be accepted. Late entries will be accepted up to a week after the closing date of a competition and must be accompanied by the additional late entry fee. Only under exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the executive committee will any further late entries be accepted. 


2)    Entry and payment will be via the Stardom Competition Online Entry System. 

The Stardom System can be accessed directly from http://www.stardom.com.au . Payment is required at time of entry. Secure payment is offered online via credit card. Direct deposit is also available. Your entry is not confirmed until payment is received. 

Before logging in to Stardom it is useful to peruse the schedule and print or record the sections that you are interested in entering. Teachers may enter on their students’ behalf. If competitors are entering individually, please ensure that duets/trios are only recorded on one entry.

Log in to Stardom (first time users will need to register with Stardom. Please record your username and password to enable you to check results and to enter in future years.

Once logged in, Stardom will guide you through the entry system

If you haven’t used the system before and are experiencing difficulty, please don’t hesitate to contact Debra Gillespie on 0400737073. Debra will be happy to assist you as soon as practicable – please leave a message if you receive no answer. 

3)     The Item Description is to be considered part of the Rules and Regulations. 


4)     The committee reserves the right to refuse an entry. 


5)     All eisteddfod participants do so at their own risk.  


6)     The age section of the eisteddfod is for amateur competitors only. All ‘Open’ items may have competitors of any age and ability. 


7)     Competitors must be within the specified age limits as at 1st January.  Competitors in groups may be younger than the age range but must not be older.  The committee reserves the right to request proof of age from competitors 


8)     All items are open to male and female competitors unless otherwise stated.


9)     Places for competitors will be drawn before the programme is printed and competitors will appear in the order shown.  However, the Executive respectfully reserves the right to make any alterations to the programme if and when it becomes necessary. 


10)   Refunds of entry fees will only be granted when an Item is cancelled by the Executive 


11)   Solo competitors may only enter an Item once.


12)   GROUPS-: A maximum of three (3) groups only per Studio are permitted to enter in any one section. Group Sections are determined by the age of the eldest competitor in the Group. The minimum number in Any Group is four Dancers. Competitors are permitted to appear in both Groups. The Teacher has the responsibility of checking in their groups and seeing they are ready to dance when required. On competition day, and if the organizers are advised, we will amend the programme to suit to allow costume changes on the day.


13)   Schools groups are open to State Government and Private Education students. This does not include students currently enrolled in dance courses (see rule 14) 


14)   Due to the importance of Eisteddfod competitions in the development of young performers, a separate section has been created for Full Time Dance students. The definition of ‘FULL TIME DANCE STUDENTS’ for the purpose of competing in this Eisteddfod is any dancer enrolled in a full time education dance course in any dance discipline regardless of actual hours involved. (E.g.: Certificate IV, Diploma or Bachelor of Dance).


15)   All competitors must be named (Groups or 4 or above are required to provide a collective name and do not need to provide the individual names).  “And Partner” may be used on the Entry Form but a name must be provided to the Convenor at least 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the session. 


16)   No competitor may use the same selection in more than one item 


17)   Copyright (conventional and electronic) remains the property of the contributing author.   


18)   Time limits, where stated, must not be exceeded.  It is the Adjudicator’s privilege to conclude a performance by ringing of the bell if a decision has been made regarding the merit of the performance. 


19)   Competitors are to be dressed appropriately, i.e. no thongs, revealing clothing or tracksuits. Competition pieces must not contain excessive use of foul or blasphemous language or actions. Consideration should be given to age appropriateness. 


20)   Use of recording devices of any kind is strictly prohibited in the Auditorium and Federation Room during performances. 


21)   Competitors must report to the relevant Marshall and be in readiness backstage (or as otherwise directed by an official) prior to the commencement of the Item in which they are competing 


22)   Competitors wishing to withdraw are reminded that it is courtesy to inform the Convenor before commencement of the eisteddfod, or the compere before the commencement of the session. 


23)   The Adjudicator’s decision will be final 


24)   No Prize will be awarded in any contest unless there is sufficient merit.  All awards in every Item will be at the Adjudicator’s discretion.  Certificates and prizes may be awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Highly Commended in each item (see Awards Table for further information) 


25)   No public protest will be entered into during the sessions.  Written protests will be accepted by the Convenor or Executive within 30 minutes of the protest issue arising, accompanied by a $20.00 fee which will be forfeited if the protest is rejected after consideration by the Executive. Decisions regarding protests will be notified in writing within 7 days 




26 a HOSIERY-: The Maryborough Eisteddfod Committee sees that our most important duty is as guardians of the Competitors who enter this dance competition. We take our job very seriously therefore we adopt the “No Tights, No Dance” Policy. We take great pride in providing a venue for all Competitors to develop their craft and performance in dance, in a safe, family orientated environment and we hope you will support our decision, as we are sincere in our actions. To clarify this rule to participate -: the dancer, Female and Male are to wear ‘dance tights’ and should be to the knee (knee length) in all genres of dance. We thank you for your attention and support in this delicate matter.  


27)   No person, other than the entrant(s), will be permitted to take the stage. Teachers are permitted to backstage area for the performance then must leave the area. No parents or friends to be backstage. 


28)   The Adjudicator must not be addressed during a session except via an Eisteddfod official.  All inquiries or requests are to be made to the Convenor. 


29)   Prompting by the Adjudicator only. 


30)   The Brolga Theatre has workplace safety guidelines in place for all stage and backstage activities.  If these guidelines are deemed, by the theatre, to have been breached you may be asked to leave the premises. A competitor asked to leave the theatre will be disqualified.


31)   Entry and exit to the Auditorium or Federation Room during performances is restricted 


32)   GROUP NUMBERS: 4 and above 

Some discretion regarding numbers may be given based on extenuating   circumstances, such as, illness or injury.  A decision will be made in consultation with relevant members of the committee and the Adjudicator 

33)   For Solos, Duos, and Trios, an individual may only appear once per Item 


2.0 DANCE 

1)    Parents, Guardians or Teachers of competitors under the age of 19 years must sign the Release and Indemnity Form. This form must accompany your entry before the entry will be accepted.  Teachers are to sign on behalf of groups. Teachers and parents can sign on behalf of solos, duos and trios. 


2)    Only the teacher and two assistants permitted in dressing rooms during competition.  Passes will be given to teachers at registration prior to the competition. Under certain circumstances special considerations can be considered by the committee, however, these would need to be discussed prior to the start of competition date. 


3)    The backstage door and adjacent car park is out of bounds. Teachers make arrangements with parents/caregivers to meet students at the front foyer of the theatre. 



a.  Competitors in the first 2 sections of any session must report to Backstage Manager 30 minutes before the start of the session. 

b.  Competitors will be required to sign in at front counter upon entry.   

c.  Competitors will be deemed to be WITHDRAWN if not present when called for their section. 

d.  Only competitors in the current section will be allowed in the backstage area. 

e.  Do not walk behind the back curtain while another competitor is performing. 

f.   Do not walk behind back curtains of stage. 

g.  Unauthorized persons are not allowed in the backstage area except for Eisteddfod officials, designated teachers, no other persons will be allowed in this area.

h.  Teachers for each school will be allowed in the backstage area at any time for Solo, Duo & Trio competitors. Teachers must abide by all rules and take direction from backstage Manager. Teacher’s backstage pass must be worn at all times.  

i.   Parents and Siblings or friends will not be allowed in the backstage area or side stage during performances. Teachers are only permitted on Stage for prop placement. 

j.   The stage area will not be available for rehearsal during the course of the eisteddfod unless the management committee is satisfied that, special circumstances justify such a rehearsal. 



a.  Only one teacher and four assistance per school allowed in dressing rooms. Identification (wrist bands) will be worn at all times. 

b.  In shared dressing rooms all competitors and associated parties are expected to demonstrate respect for the space, costumes and belongings of others at all times. Supervision is required at all times. 

c.  All electrical equipment used must be tagged and tested by a certified electrician. 

d.  Hot Drinks and Food are not permitted in dressing rooms. 

e.  Adhering items to walls, windows, doors, mirrors or any surface in the Auditorium or surrounds is not permitted. 

f.   Each studio/school will be responsible for keeping their dressing space clean and tidy. Any studio/school that leaves their dressing space in and unclean/untidy state will be charged a $200 cleaning fee. 

g.  Any studio/school found to have caused damage to their dressing space will be charged relevant repair costs. If pre-existing damage is noted when you arrive in your dressing area the convener must be advised immediately. 

6)    MUSIC-: No dancer/s will be penalised for technical difficulties beyond their control. 




a.    (GROUPS) Only CD’s are allowed. Music will be taken to side of stage by YOU, the TEACHER, and will be played by our sound technician under your supervision.


b.    (SOLOS) Competitors must check in music at front desk 30 minutes prior to competing. CD’s is the only format that will be accepted. Music will be played on your behalf by technician.  ONLY ONE ROUTINE PER CD will be accepted. ALL COMPETITORS MUST HAVE BACKUP COPIES OF ALL MUSIC.


SOLO, DUO & TRIO COMPETITORS PLEASE Label your music with the following

information, this is required on the CD itself as well as on the case it’s in. An example below-:

Section Number -: Section 25

Name -: Mary Jones

Number (as it appears in the program)-: Competitor No. 4

Dance Genre and age group-: 12yrs Classical Solo




7)    Any special instructions must be given to the Back Manager e.g. start on stage. Where there are no special instructions the music will start immediately the competitor number is announced NO RESPONSIBILITY WILL BE TAKEN FOR ANY ERRORS. 


8)    Competitors of 7 years of age and above are expected to centre themselves on stage. 

Teachers or student teachers are not to stay backstage while their competitor(s) competes.  Exception: for competitors 6 years or under, the teacher may stay backstage but must stand well back from the stage. 


9)    All costumes and choreography are to be age appropriate to the competitor(s). 


10) No curtain will be used. 


11) Props, if used, must be carried on and off stage by the competitor who uses them.  Proper must not obstruct passageways and must be removed from the backstage area as soon as possible. 


12) PROHIBITED: Powder rosin, Ajax or similar; sand; water; fire and electrical props. 



A copy of this will be available back stage and will be enforced by the committee. 

This Code of Conduct applies to any land, building, venue or equipment being owned, hired, leased or otherwise utilised by the Maryborough Eisteddfod Incorporated or any of its agents or employees in the execution of the business and objectives of the Maryborough Eisteddfod any time of the year

a.            ZERO TOLERANCE 

The committee of the Maryborough Eisteddfod Incorporated (the committee) will not tolerate any unacceptable conduct (including but not limited to verbal abuse of any person, obscene language, loud or boisterous conduct), which is deemed unacceptable by the committee. This includes all persons attending at any venue of the Junior Eisteddfod. 

b.            REFUSAL OF A DIRECTIVE   

Any member of the committee or designated official, may give a directive at any time, to any person to whom this code applies to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the Eisteddfod. Any person who refuses to obey such directive may be asked to leave a venue, and failure may result in the committee taking such action including the calling of police to ensure the Eisteddfod’s unimpeded operation.

c.            CHILD BEHAVIOUR 

Any child behaving in a manner that is deemed by the committee or a representative of same to be unacceptable will be removed if it be deemed appropriate by the official and if that child is a competitor they may be disqualified from competing in that section and other sections.

552 Any Style of Dance Trio     12 Years & Under

Time Limit: 03:00

Evening Session

Entries Closed
Entry: $9.001st Medal          2nd Medal          3rd Medal          HC Certificate          
551 Any Style of Dance Trio     9 Years & Under

Time Limit: 03:00

Evening Session

Entries Closed
Entry: $9.001st Medal          2nd Medal          3rd Medal          HC Certificate          
x589 Any Style of Dance Solo     8 Years & Under

Time Limit: 03:00

Entries Closed
Entry: $5.001st Medal          2nd Medal          3rd Medal          HC Certificate