Kempsey Eisteddfod 2024 [since 1905]
23 Jun 2024 to 27 Jun 2024
(To be confirmed after receipt of Entries and Programming has been finalised)
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Speech & Drama Eisteddfod Rules

  1. In these rules, the word “Committee” shall mean the relevant of the Kempsey Eisteddfod Society.
  2. Competitors, teachers and parents must be conversant with all rules. The plea of lack of knowledge will not be accepted as a bona – fide reason for the infringement of any rule. It will be assumed by the society that ALL agree to of the “General Rules” and “Special Rules”.
  3. Protest arising out of, or not provided for in these rules, shall be lodged with the committee, in writing, immediately after the completion of the session in which the protest is entered. The protest must be accompanied by a deposit of $20.00 which shall be forfeited if the protest is deemed unfounded.
  4. The committee has the right to:
    1. Amend or refuse any entry.
    2. Divide sections where there are 12 or more entries.
    3. Amend the program at any time.
    4. Alter or reduce the available prizes as published.
    5. Cancel or combine events which have insufficient entries.
    6. To appoint a new adjudicator should it be deemed necessary?
  5. The Adjudicator has the right to:
    1. Reduce or withdraw prizes if a satisfactory standard is not reached.
    2. Subject to committee approval, increase the number of prizes awarded in any section.
    3. Terminate a performance at any time. Such does not necessarily mean disqualification or disapproval. Time limits will be strictly observed.

The adjudicator’s decision is final.

  1. Public notice of any changes to the programme will be advertised at least 14 days prior to the commencement of the eisteddfod via Facebook and the official website. Checking for these changes will be the sole responsibility of competitors, parents and teachers.
  2. First and second prizes will be awarded in sections where there are no less than four (4) competitors and Third prize where there are no less than seven (7) competitors. First Place trophies may awarded in all sections at the Adjudicators discretion.

In all sections 10 years and under First, Second and Third prizes will be awarded regardless of competitor numbers.

OPEN AND CHAMPIONSHIPS sections with LESS THAN THREE (3) competitors may be performed for adjudication only at adjudicator’s discretion in which case the prize WILL be awarded.

  1. Open sections of the Speech & Drama Eisteddfod are open to anyone that does not derive the majority of their income from performance or the teaching of Speech and Drama. These persons would be considered Professionals. Unless otherwise stated Individual Open Sections are for competitors 15 years and over.
  1. All school group members to be pupils of the one school except in Open Sections.
  2. Unless otherwise stated, only one piece to be performed.
  3. Sections are Own Choice unless otherwise stated.
  4. Time limits for performances are 3 minutes unless otherwise stated.
  5. The competitor’s age shall be calculated as at the opening date of the Speech & Drama

Eisteddfod. All competitors must compete in their own age sections and not outside their own age group, unless specifically indicated in the schedule as open to all ages (unrestricted). 


  1. Competitors must compete in a verse section and a reading section to be eligible to enter a Championship.
  2. Championship age restrictions must be observed.

              JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP -Stage 2

              INTERMEDIATE – Stage 3

              SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIP- Stage 4 & 5

  1. The Committee reserves the right to call upon any competitor at any time to furnish, at his or her own expense, proof of age and to withhold any prize until such proof has been furnished.
  2. In sections where the performance involves more than one person, all must be within the School stage limit, with the exception of open age where only one performer must be of this age. When there are two in the performance both names and details must be on the one entry form with the appropriate fee.
  3. Novice sections are open to any competitor who has less than 18 months tuition as at the opening date of the Eisteddfod.
  4. No competitor shall render the same item in more than one section of the current Kempsey Eisteddfod. Competitors who have been taught, coached or advised (excluding workshops), by an adjudicator of any section of the present Eisteddfod during the 3 months preceding the opening date of the Eisteddfod shall not be eligible to compete in that section, and in doing so will be disqualified.
  1. Competitors must be punctual for their sections and report to the Secretary’s office upon their arrival. Competitors shall compete in the order in which their names appear in the official program, unless otherwise directed by the organising secretary and if not present when called upon shall render themselves liable to disqualification. Any changes made after entries are closed, where the error is not the fault of the committee, will incur a fee of $10.00 per correction.
  2. Please do not ask to change dates and/or times of competitions. Once the official program is printed NO CHANGES TO TIMES will be allowed. Any special requests must be submitted in writing at time of entry; however, no guarantees can be given that such requests can be met.
  3. Should the committee be convinced that a competitor has been entered in the wrong section by error the committee reserves the right to transfer that entry to the correct section.
  4. Competitors, teachers and parents MUST NOT APPROACH THE ADJUDICATOR during sessions. Breach of this rule may bring disqualification.
  5. No teacher or parent shall be allowed on the stage with a competitor. Assistance with the setting up of props is allowed.
  6. NO PROMPTING is allowed, except by the adjudicator.
  7. Recording or video equipment may not be used during any section of the Kempsey Eisteddfod without the approval from the Kempsey Eisteddfod Society Inc. This is in compliance with Australian Copyright and Privacy Laws.
  8. Please ensure that the content of all performances is appropriate for all audience age groups and is respectful to the venue in which the eisteddfod is held. Offensive or blasphemous language and some adult themes are deemed inappropriate and will result in the item being terminated and competitors disqualified.
  9. No practices by competitors in the concert hall will be permitted during the progress of the Eisteddfod.
  10. All children under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult in the eisteddfod hall who must pay the admittance fee. This may be a parent/carer or teacher. Teachers accompanying school groups and accompanists are exempt from this fee. The accompanying teacher/s is responsibility for their Pupil’s behaviour whilst waiting to perform. Competitors may enter for free only during the session(s) of their performances. Competitors are required to await their turn to perform quietly and with respect for other performers.
  11. Bad behaviour by any competitor or their support group (including parents) will not be tolerated. Actions of an abusive or destructive manner or disrespect to the Committee, eisteddfod volunteers or other competitors may result in disqualification, or being eliminated from the Kempsey Eisteddfod for that year.
  12. Competitors in Own Choice sections must hand a typed copy (not hand written) in at the

Secretary’s Office, for the Adjudicator, at least 3 sections prior to the commencement of their section. This copy must have the SECTION AND COMPETITOR NUMBER CLEARLY MARKED IN THE TOP LEFT HAND CORNER. This includes monologues, duologues and plays. Emergency photocopying will be charged at $1- per page. It will be the competitor’s responsibility to ensure that he or she complies with copyright rules. All photocopies will be destroyed at the end of the eisteddfod. The form can be downloaded from the Eisteddfod website. All photocopies will be destroyed at the end of competition.

  1. No competitor may present the same selection in more than one section of the current Kempsey Eisteddfod or compete more than once in the same section. This applies to items for 2, 3 and 4 people. No larger groups can compete more than once in a section unless there is a 50% interchange of group members.
  2. No microphones are to be used.
  3. Competition marks may be awarded for quality of choice and stage presentation. It is in the competitors own interest that they pay special attention to their dress and presentation when appearing in competitions. These constitute part of the performance and may be taken into consideration by the adjudicator.
  4. The Committee takes every care but accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to books or other items.
  5. The Competition Secretary must receive entries no later than the closing date. Such entries are preferably to be lodged at . All details are to be completed, with the exception of date of birth for open competitors. No entries will be accepted unless accompanied by full fees. Please refer to front of syllabus for dates.  
  6. No accepted entry fee shall be refunded.
  7. All competitors taking part in the Kempsey Eisteddfod do so at their own risk.


By participating in the Kempsey Eisteddfod, you are agreeing to give the Kempsey Eisteddfod Society

absolute discretion in the use and publication of photographs or videos taken during any event held

by the Kempsey Eisteddfod Society. To ensure the privacy of individuals, images will not be

identified using full names or personal identifying information without approval from the individual,

or their parent or guardian.

The Kempsey Eisteddfod Society reserves the right to decide whether a particular person has a right

to take photos or videos on performance premises or at any Eisteddfod related activity, event, or


Any individual, parent, or guardian who does not consent to the Kempsey Eisteddfod Society having

absolute discretion in the use or publication of photographs or videos must convey their wishes to

 the President of the Society, in writing, prior to the commencement of the event.

The Kempsey Eisteddfod Society will take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure any wishes

conveyed in writing are observed.

S074Championship Junior Speech Championship Solo     Stage 1 & 2

2 pieces. Own Choice (not in costume). A verse from memory and a reading. Entire performance time not to exceed 6 minutes. To qualify competitors must have competed in a verse section AND a reading section prior to championship.

Entries Closed
Entry: $16.00
S075Championship Intemediate Speech Championship Solo     Stage 3 & 4

2 pieces. Own Choice (not in costume). A verse from memory and a reading. Entire performance time not to exceed 8 minutes. To qualify competitors must have competed in a verse section AND a reading section prior to championship.

Entries Closed
Entry: $16.00
S076Championship Senior Speech Championship Solo     Stage 5 & 6

2 pieces. Own Choice (not in costume). A verse from memory and a reading. Entire performance time not to exceed 8 minutes. To qualify competitors must have competed in a verse section AND a reading section prior to championship.

Entries Closed
Entry: $16.00