33rd Annual Morwell Festival of Dance
28 Jun 2019 to 07 Jul 2019
(To be confirmed after receipt of Entries and Programming has been finalised)
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1.     MFOD promotes a fair and friendly competition and a high standard of behaviour from students, performers, teachers, parents and spectators.  This Committee does not tolerate inappropriate or unsportsmanlike behaviour, this includes but is not limited to, rude or abusive behaviour, intimidating and threatening behaviour, excessive celebration and cheering and bullying behaviour, with exception of all Hip Hop sections, where excessive celebration and cheering is encouraged.  This is the only genre or section this applies to.

 2.     In accordance with 2006 Copyright Amendment Act and APRA Guidelines, performers must comply with copyright legislation.  The Committee is not responsible for copyright infringements by participants, schools, parents or guardians.

 3.     Competitors passes will be issues to all schools via Committee Members or be available for collection from the ticket desk.  They must be worn by competitors off stage at all times.

 4.     Students who have received private tuition from the Adjudicator within the last 12 months are ineligible to compete in this eisteddfod.  If a conflict of interest is identified and a disclaimer made, the participant can dance for a crit.

 5.     The Adjudicators decision regarding placements will be final.

 6.     All Competitors will dance completely at own risk.

 7.     Entry numbers are capped to ensure festival concludes on Sunday 7th July 2019.  Entries will be open to affiliated school two weeks prior to opening to the general public.  2019 entries will be open to affiliated schools from 5th February 2019 - 18th March 2019 and the open to the all other entrants from 19th February - 17th March 2019 (unless the cap is reached prior).  The committee will not accept late entries after the closing date.

 8.     The Committee reserves the right to request proof of age.

 9.     Competitors may enter Open or Novice in their own age group – not both.

 10.   Any competitor who has not won first or second place in that section in any competition during the past three years may enter novice at these competitions. (18

/03/2016 - 18/03/2019)

 11.   One Teacher or a parent of competitors in current section will be allowed side stage during their item – this rule will be strictly enforced.

 12.   Any competitor who leaves the stage may re appear for a crit only.  If the competitor leaves the stage due to technical or music difficulty, they may return to the stage to dance for a place, if the error was through no fault of their own. This will be at the discretion of the Committee.

13.   Age of competitors to be determined as at 1st January.

14.   Competitors may only appear once in any section, including duos / trios & troupes.

15.   Competitors are not entitled to any refund of fees for non-appearance.

16.   Where only one competitor presents, they will be adjudicated to such standard which the adjudicator deems appropriate.

17.   Competitors who are not present for adjudication and have won a prize must make their own arrangements to obtain their award themselves.  The committee is not responsible for postage and delivery.

18.   The committee reserves the right to disqualify any person who communicates with the adjudicator including parents, teachers & friends, committee excluded.

19.   Protests must be made in writing on a protest form, signed by the protestor and lodged at the secretaries table not more than 10 minutes after the adjudication. Protests must be accompanied by a $20 deposit which will be forfeited should the committee deem the protest to be frivolous.  Protest forms are available from the Secretary’s desk.

20.   Troupes must contain a minimum of 5 members.

21.   Cameras or recording equipment is NOT permitted in the hall during performances except by preapproval.  Filming of the stage and televisions is prohibited.  Anyone recording any child may risk the child being disqualified.

22.   Time limits will be strictly adhered to – time commencing and finishing with the movement or music. The length of music is to be within the limit & backstage personnel will not be responsible for fading of music.

23.   Music on CD, computer/iPad/iPod input is accepted

24.   CDs must have only one recording– disqualification may occur if this is not adhered to. CD deck will be provided by the Committee. Competitors are responsible for their own CDs, clearly marked and ready to be played. 

25.   Competitors need to check in prior to their section commencing, failure to do so will result in only being able to dance for a crit.  Music can be booked in at this time.

26.   Committee will not permit music with vocal background whilst competitors are singing in the song & dance sections – this will cause disqualification.

27.   Committee will not be responsible for lost articles.

28.   Committee reserves the right to appoint another adjudicator if necessary.

29.   This competition is open to amateurs only.   A professional is deemed to be any person who has danced professionally in their career.  An amateur is a person who has not previously been professional and does not and has not in the past derived their income from the dancing industry.  All student teachers dancing must be an enrolled and participating student in the dance school and not be currently enrolled in a fulltime dance course.

30.   Breakable and dangerous props will not be allowed. Props maybe used in all sections. 

31.   Sections can be combined at the committee’s discretion should there be insufficient entries or timing restraints.

32.   The Committees decision will be final (except for Adjudicators placings)

33.   Competitors must appear in programmed order, except at the committees discretion

34.   Payment for Championships & Scholarships will not be issued until the competitors qualifying dances have been completed.

35.   Dance schools within a 100km radius of the Morwell GPO may become affiliated with this Festival, and only affiliated schools are eligible to enter all Championships and Scholarships. (see committee for application details.) 

36.   All teachers, parents and guardians need to adhere to the Committee’s Child Safety Policy.  A copy is available by emailing the Committee.

37.   PRIVACY – Performers’ names will appear in our official programmes and section results will be published on social media and may appear in media releases.

38.   All personal information provided by entrant is kept on a secure database for administration purposes only.  It is not released to other parties.

39.   It is the responsibility of the entrant or their parent to ensure that any medication that they may be required is carried with them at all times.  Entrants enter at own risk and a first aid officer is not available at our venue.  In the event of an accident or illness, an ambulance may be called.  Any associated costs incurred will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian/self.

40.   Entry and exit from the auditorium is only permitted when a performer is NOT on stage.  Any variation to this is at the Committee discretion.

41. No changes will be made to entries after the running sheet cut-off date (2019 – 8th April) IF you enter in the wrong section you will either, dance in that section for a place, if you qualify or dance for a crit only, if you do not qualify.  If you are in the wrong section, you may not qualify for Championship Sections.

42. Competitors are not permitted to display their school name or logo on any costume in any performance, solo, duo/trio or troupe.

43. All prize money paid to competing schools will be direct deposited to their nominated bank accounts.  All schools need to complete a direct deposit form prior to the festival.

44. Championship sections – are only open to local dancers, taught at affiliated schools and choreography must be by local teachers.  In addition to this, the following rules apply;


10 & Under 14 Years Classical Championship Solo Open (Junior Classical Championship)

14 & Under 16 Years Classical Championship Solo Open (Intermediate Classical Championship)

16 & Over Classical Championship Solo Open (Senior Classical Championship - In Memory of Susan Kraft)  

To qualify competitors need to appear in 3 Open Solo Sections in own age group including, Classical, National or Character PLUS one other.  Pointe is compulsory for 14 & over age group and optional for 10 & under 14 age group.   

Championship will include two solo performances.  Section 1 being Classical Solo not previously performed at the 2019 festival, Section 2 being Character Solo not previously being performed at the 2019 festival.


10 & Under 14 Years Tap Championship Solo Open (Junior Tap Championship)

14 & Under 16 Years Tap Championship Solo Open (Intermediate Tap Championship)

16 & Over Tap Championship Solo (Wally Melbourne Memorial Senior Tap Championship)

To qualify competitors need to appear in 3 Open Solo Sections in own age group including Tap PLUS two others. 

Championship will include one solo performance not previously being performed at the 2019 festival.  Performance must show both Slow and Fast technique without leaving the stage


10 & Under 14 Years Modern Championship Solo Open (Junior Modern Championship)

14 & Under 16 Years Modern Championship Solo Open (Intermediate Modern Championship)

16 & Over  Modern Championship Solo Open (The Carol Holman Memorial Senior Modern Championship)

To qualify competitors need to appear in 3 Open Solo Sections in own age group including, Modern/Jazz, Neo Classical or Contemporary or Classical PLUS one other


14 Years and Over Contemporary Championship Solo Open

To qualify competitors need to appear in 3 Open Solo Sections in own age group including Contemporary PLUS two others. 

Championship will include one solo performance not previously being performed at the 2019 festival.


For our Eisteddfod, the follow genres are defined as ( taken from Dance Adjudicators Genre List from AESA ):  Students are to ensure they enter the correct sections and adjudication will be based on the following definitions.


The Contemporary genre has evolved over the last 100 years and there are certain styles of contemporary that teachers can research such as Cunningham, Graham, Limon and Rambert the Choreography will depend on the choreographer’s intent and purpose. 

It could include the use of motif and great use of the space. On the other hand the choreographers intent maybe to use only minimal space to explore the music via movement and this is also a valid work. The use of technique should/could include use of centre, off centre, falling, running, articulation of spine and limbs, release of the whole spine when hanging over, use of safety foot getting in and out of the floor, range of levels including floor work. The choreography should not include typical steps from other genre such as ballet, jazz or acro etc.


Closely linked to classical ballet, this genre is a section where emotion and expression is closely linked to the performance and particularly to the music. Music may be instrumental or with lyrics. Good flow and continuity through the music and great control of adagio type movements.


414Open Spiritual Solo     16 Years & Over

Entries Closed
Entry: $8.501st Trophy          2nd Medal          3rd Medal          HM Medal          
413Open Spiritual Solo     14 & Under 16 Years

Entries Closed
Entry: $8.501st Trophy          2nd Medal          3rd Medal          HM Medal