Brisbane Performing Arts Challenge Inc (BPAC) 2022
High School - Excellence
04 Jun 2022 to 26 Jun 2022
(To be confirmed after receipt of Entries and Programming has been finalised)
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Mission Statement

The Brisbane Performing Arts Challenge Inc (BPAC) is committed to fostering a professional environment that maximises opportunities for all students of the performing arts. This allows students to realise their full potential both in the performing arts industry, and in their own lives, by providing a high standard of competition at a professional venue, and opportunities to work with professional performers.

Specific Terms and Conditions of Entry to BPAC 2022

Participation at BPAC at own risk

Any performer taking part in a dance event takes certain inherent risks in so doing. Participation in BPAC 2022 indicates the acceptance of such risks by all Scholarship Competitors and/or the Competitor’s parent/guardian. In registering for BPAC Group Events, all Competitors (and/or their parents/guardians) acknowledge that performances are physically demanding, and may involve the risk of injuries occurring. By virtue of entering BPAC 2022, it is acknowledged and agreed that no participant shall hold Brisbane Performing Arts Challenge Inc, or its Officers, Directors, Officials, Staff or Employees liable for any injury sustained or illness contracted by the participant whilst in attendance at BPAC 2022, including in any activity related to BPAC 2022. Neither Brisbane Performing Arts Challenge Inc, St John’s Anglican College or Forest Lake State High School are liable for any personal injury or property loss to either Competitors or spectators at BPAC 2022.

All Competitors are required to undertake appropriate warm up prior to all performances Competitors participate at their own risk, and agree they are of good health and are physically able to participate in BPAC events. BPAC is not liable for any injury sustained prior to or during performances at BPAC 2022.

Competitor Eligibility

Competitor’s age is taken as at 1 January, 2022.

Each student may only dance a maximum of twice in each section

Any person/s related to, or who has been taught or coached during the preceding six months prior to BPAC 2022 by the Judge/s for the genre entered are not eligible to compete at BPAC 2022.

Music copyright payments are the responsibility of the individual schools

Each school requires their own Public Liability Policy (Minimum $10 Million)

Copy of Insurance Certificate of Currency MUST be forwarded with entry forms.

Entries will be accepted on a first come, first served basis and will be limited to the amount of performance time available

All entries must include the name, contact phone number and email of two volunteers per studio or school per session entered or entries will not be accepted.

No communication with the judges during the course of the event will be permitted. The judge’s decision is final.

Personal videotaping and flash photography are prohibited. Professional organizations are engaged to record performances.

Time Limits will be 5 minutes for all items except Revuette, which can be up to 10 minutes.

Receipt of entries automatically entitles schools to membership of the Brisbane Performing Arts Challenge Inc. Schools may then nominate one representative to sit on the committee. This person may not be on the committee of any other eisteddfod or similar competition.

“OPEN” groups sections will have no restrictions on training status or age of competitors.

“ELITE” groups sections will only be open to Dance schools that have a Full-Time Dance

Competitor Code of Conduct

BPAC’s core values include respect and integrity. During its history, BPAC has enjoyed a supportive, friendly, safe and enjoyable environment, where the camaraderie of the performing arts industry is highlighted and promoted. It is inherently understood and accepted that all Competitors at BPAC 2022 will adhere to the principles of self-respect, respect for other persons and respect for property, and that appropriately respectful and courteous behaviour is exhibited at all times by all persons. Under no circumstances will verbally and/or physically abusive behaviour, foul language, or disrespectful behaviour toward BPAC Officials, Staff and/or Volunteers, other Competitors, or any other person present at BPAC be tolerated. Should such behaviours occur, the offending Competitor will be asked to leave immediately. This Code of Conduct also applies to parents, family members and friends of Competitors.

BPAC reserves the right to remove any person/s in breach of any of the BPAC terms and conditions, who behaves inappropriately or is disruptive to other Competitors and/or patrons.

Judge’s Decision is Final

The Judge’s decision is final, and no discussion will be entered into. Should the Judge be dissatisfied with the standard of competition, the Judge may elect not to award prizes for any category even if such prize is listed in the BPAC Programme. Personal communication with the Judge is strictly prohibited. Communication with Judges is to be undertaken only by BPAC Officials. All queries relating to the event must be addressed firstly through the relevant Convenor.

Performance at BPAC Gala on Sunday 26 June 2022

Selected Groups, chosen by BPAC Judges, will be invited to perform at the BPAC Gala on Sunday 26 June 2022. Whist it is not mandatory for invited groups to perform at the BPAC Gala, it is a great opportunity for invited studios and schools to showcase their excellence to the Sponsors of BPAC 2022 and the wider community.

Registration and Payment

For BPAC 2022, all entries will be registered online through the competition entry system, Stardom ( Competitors are required to register through the Stardom website, and a Competitor’s Pass (for each groups member) must be ordered and paid for at the time of registration. Full Payment will be required in order to complete entry and registration. Payment can be made by either Visa or Mastercard through the secure online payment system. Direct deposit is also available. No entry registration will be accepted until full payment has been received.

If difficulty is experienced in completing registration through Stardom, or assistance with registration is required, please contact BPAC Management Committee members, Nicky Manego on 0418 789 836, or Ally Hannon on 0403 055 078.

Entries close on Friday 1 April, 2022.  No late entries will be accepted.

Places are strictly limited and registration acceptance can only be accepted until and including Friday 1 April, 2022.

Competitor’s Pass

A Competitor’s Pass is compulsory for all Competitors. Each pass must be worn by the Competitor and clearly visible when in attendace at BPAC events. Competitors need a pass to compete and will not be allowed into the auditorium without a Competitor’s Pass that is prominently displayed. Competitor’s Passes MUST be purchased at the time of registration. The Competitor’s Pass will entitle the Competitor to view all BPAC 2022 events, including the participation in Workshops. Competitor Passes may be collected from the BPAC Registration Desk.

Refund Policy

Prize monies are generously provided by the Sponsors of BPAC and by BPAC itself. BPAC is funded by sponsorship, registration fees, donations, and ticket sales accordingly, NO REFUNDS will be given for withdrawal from BPAC Groups/Ensembles and/or Schools events for any reason unless events are cancelled due to Government mandated Covid restrictions.

Deadline for Claim of Prize Monies

All prize monies MUST be claimed by 30 September 2022. Any prize monies unclaimed by this date will be forfeited, and no discussion will be entered into as a result of such forfeiture. To claim prize monies, Winners must provide their documentation to the BPAC Treasurer before the closing date of 30 September 2022. The BPAC Treasurer can be contacted at

Provision of Music

It should be noted that all Candidates must be aware of the rules of copyright. Any rights that should be obtained in respect of recorded music for performance are the responsibility of the Candidate. BPAC will not be liable for any copyright infringement occurring on the part of any Candidate.

Commencing in 2022, BPAC will be using Music Uploads Management service for all BPAC Events. It is contactless, all online and will help take out the stress of music issues that arise from time to time,

If you are new to this service you will be required to set up an account.

If you have already used or uploaded your music to this service before, you can simply transfer your music over to BPAC 2022.

Just remember that you need to make sure your storage account is active. If not you can renew or sign up using this link:

Before you start this new journey have a quick look at the overview video.

Overview video

More and more competitions and eisteddfods are using this method as it is just one less thing to stress about on the day. 

General Terms and Conditions of Entry

Programme Changes

Brisbane Performing Arts Challenge Inc reserves the right to make amendments to its listed Schedule without prior notice, either before the commencement of, or during a session, and reserves the right to cancel a session if necessary. BPAC will endeavour to advise of such amendments or cancellations through immediate communication with the audience members at each session, and also through the BPAC Facebook page, which is updated regularly throughout the entire duration of BPAC events.


St John’s Anglican College, Forest Lake Boulevarde, Forest Lake and

Forest Lake State High School, High Street, Forest Lake are the official host venues of BPAC 2022.

The floor surface used at BPAC 2022 is the Harlequin ‘Cascade’ vinyl performance floor owned by the Brisbane Performing Arts Challenge Inc. No rosin or other gripping powder or product is permitted be used at any time during BPAC 2022, as it will damage the floor.

St John’s Anglican College and Forest Lake Ste High School are  non-smoking venues. Under the provision of legislation pertaining to educational institutions, smoking is not permitted at any time inside the venues or on college grounds.

St John’s Anglican College and Forest Lake State High School are  bound by Queensland government Workplace Health and Safety legislation, and venue-specific risk management policies are in place to manage all potential Workplace Health and Safety risks.

All persons attending the above venues will be bound by the rules of the venues and by the direction of its staff and/or agents. Any person disobeying an order given by a duly authorised representative of the above venues or by BPAC Officials may be requested to leave the premises, and may be removed by security or the Queensland Police should such action become necessary.

All BPAC Staff and Volunteers are the holders of Blue Cards and have undergone a Working With Children Check as required by the Queensland government. It is the teachers’, parent’s or guardian’s responsibility to supervise Competitors aged under 18 years in the venue at all times, and to supervise all other children on the St John’s Anglican College premises during attendance at BPAC 2022.

All teachers, parents/guardians and/or supervisors must obey the direction of BPAC Staff and the staff of St John’s Anglican College or Forest Lake State High School. Failure to comply with such direction may result in the expulsion of such person and the disqualification of the associated Competitors.

Photography and Video Services

BPAC will take and use photographs and videos during all sessions for promotional and archival purposes. All material recorded during the event is the copyright of BPAC and will not be provided for resale.  The official partners of BPAC for the purposes of photography and video are BWP Studios ( and Limelight Multimedia ( Photographs and professional footage of performances are available for purchase through these event partners.

Under the terms of governing copyright, child protection and privacy legislation, NO recordings (audio, videos or photos, including the use of mobile phones, iPads or tablets) may be made of any class, performance, or workshop in the St John’s Anglican College Auditorium. Any person found breaching this condition will be requested to leave the Auditorium immediately, and the Competitor/s associated with the person will be disqualified.

Medical Emergencies

BPAC staff will not be responsible for the administration of medication, other than that required in an emergency as directed by a paramedic or medical professional. It is the Competitor’s and/or parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to ensure that all appropriate medical and health arrangements are in place for the Competitor prior to attendance at BPAC 2022.

In the event of a medical emergency, all Competitors and/or the Competitor’s parent/guardian authorise Brisbane Performing Arts Challenge Inc to obtain all medical assistance and medical treatment deemed necessary. The Competitor and/or the Competitor’s parent/guardian will be responsible for meeting all expenses associated with such medical treatment.

Lost Property

BPAC will not be liable for personal items lost or stolen during BPAC 2022. Valuables should not be brought to St John’s Anglican College or Forest Lake State High School. All bags and personal property should be monitored at all times. Unidentified lost property will be listed on the BPAC Facebook page, and reasonable efforts will be made to return the lost property to its rightful owner. BPAC reserves the right to dispose of any unclaimed lost property one month after the holding of BPAC 2022.

Dance Club / Excellence Definitions for Middle & High School Sections

Dance Clubs

Sections for those schools who do not run any type of Dance Excellence Program 

These sections will continue to receive Prize Money as follows: 1st - $50; 2nd - $30; 3rd - $20

Dance Excellence

For those schools who have Dance Excellence program and/or troupes made up of 50% or more of technically trained dancers who attend formal dance tuition outside of the school domain.

These sections will receive higher Prizemoney as follows: 1st - $100; 2nd - $50; 3rd - $25 (the same as the Dance school sections)

129 Jazz Group (4 or more competitors)     School Years (Year 10 - 12)

Entries Closed
Entry: $35.001st $100          2nd $50          3rd $25          
130 Hip Hop Group (4 or more competitors)     School Years (Year 10 - 12)

Entries Closed
Entry: $35.001st $100          2nd $50          3rd $25          
131 Contemporary Group (4 or more competitors)     School Years (Year 10 - 12)

Entries Closed
Entry: $35.001st $100          2nd $50          3rd $25          
132 Lyrical Group (4 or more competitors)     School Years (Year 10 - 12)

Entries Closed
Entry: $35.001st $100          2nd $50          3rd $25          
133 Glee/Musical Theatre/Other Group (4 or more competitors)     School Years (Year 10 - 12)

Entries Closed
Entry: $35.001st $100          2nd $50          3rd $25          
135 Choreography Group (4 or more competitors)     School Years (Year 10 - 12)

Entries Closed
Entry: $35.001st $100          2nd $50          3rd $25