16th Annual Riverside Dance Festival 2021
Solo Student Choreography
12 Apr 2021 to 18 Apr 2021
(To be confirmed after receipt of Entries and Programming has been finalised)
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1. AGE

(a) Age is taken from 1st day of January 2021.

(b) Troupe and Duo/Trio- strictly the age of the eldest competitor.                                 

(c) Competitors are permitted to compete up one age group in solos and duos but may not repeat any routines (Except Championships & Scholarships)

(d) Competitors must carry a copy of their Birth Certificate at all times.


(a) The Adjudicator’s decision is final

(b) With the exception of the Committee, no person shall be allowed to approach the Adjudicator or the Adjudicator’s table throughout the competition.

(c) At no time during the Eisteddfod shall the Adjudicator have access to the competitor’s or studio names and any person who has been a student of the Adjudicator in the last 12 months must withdraw immediately


(a) Protests must be made in writing immediately to the report desk at a cost of $30.00. The fee will be returned if the protest is found valid.


(a) The committee reserves the right to cancel, join or split sections

(b) The committee can appoint a substitute adjudicator.

(c) The committee can alter the program running order without notice.    

(d) Any decision on issues not covered in the rules will be final.

5. ENTRIES     

(a) All entries must be received by Sunday 15 March 2021

(b) Late entries will not be accepted.

(c) Full payment must be sent with entries.

(d) Refunds will not be given once entries are received unless the committee cancels a section. 

(e) Online Entries only

Complete online entries –



(a) CD’s must state the competitor’s Name, Section Number and Competitor Number

(b) Only one song per CD please and clearly label if you have a tag.

(c) Music must be registered back-stage at the beginning of each SESSION.  

(d) Backing vocals are not permitted for Song & Dance (song part only) Classical or Demi sections but will be allowed for Tap sections.

(e) No background tapping sounds for any tap sections.

(f) Backing vocals only will be accepted for singing sections (Microphones are availablefor use in these sections)

(g) To ensure the reliability of CD’s, please burn at the slowest speed possible and do not use re-writable (RW) CD’s. ALWAYS CARRY A BACK-UP.

(h) All group and scholarship music is submitted electronically before the event to riversidedancefestival@gmail.com


(a) A minimum number of 4 dancers in a Troupe

(b) Age of Troupe competitors See Rule 1b

(c) Studios may enter as many times as they like in a Troupe section.


(a) Solos          3 mins            

(b) Duo/Trio 3 mins

(c) Troupes 5 mins


(a) Reports can be collected from the committee table after each section.

(b) 1-5 competitors - 2 prizes

6-10 competitors - 3 prizes

11-14 competitors - 4 prizes

15 or more competitors - 5 prizes

(Prizes may be reduced if dropouts occur)

(c) The Adjudicator may withhold any placing if he/she feels that a suitable standard has not been achieved.


(a) Restricted sections are for those who have never been placed 1st in that particular category in any age group except 6/u up to the closing date of entries for this Eisteddfod.

(b) Open sections are for those who have been placed first in that particular category in any age group except 6/u up to the closing date of entries for this Eisteddfod.

(c) A restricted competitor may also compete in open if they have more than one dance in that particular category but must not repeat any routine. A change of costume or music does not constitute a change of routine.

(d) National Character must comprise of traditional dance movement from one specified nation/country.


(a) Admission is free during solo, duo/trio, championship and scholarship events. 

(b) Group Day admission is as follows:

Adults per Session      $15.00

Adults per day                                     $33.00

Children/ Aged Pensioners per session          $10.00

Children/Aged Pensioners per day                 $28.00


(a) Competitors perform at their own risk. No responsibility will be accepted for any injury, damage or loss of property during the Eisteddfod. This also applies to spectators.

(b) No rehearsing in the hall or on stage at any time.

(c) Competitors must be ready to compete in the order stated in the program. Dancing out of order will only be permitted if there is a quick change and only with permission of the Backstage Manager.

(d) Dancing en pointe is not permitted for competitors aged 10/u and competitors older who choose to dance en pointe will be expected to have the ability to do so. The adjudicator may at any stage in the dance ring the bell and dancers will be asked to change their shoes and perform at the end of the section

(e) No parents are to remain back-stage except to put on props. Parents must leave backstage once the child has finished.

(f) Solo competitors may only dance once in a section and Duo/Trio may appear only twice but with different partners

(g) Competitor Fee - each competitor will pay a Competitor fee of $49 payable only once regardless entry numbers. The fee is required per dancer and will be due at the time of completing and confirming registration. It does not apply to Group events.


(a) Ballet, Tap, Lyrical & Cotemporary- a plain coloured leotard and tights are to be worn. No dance pants or skirts. No sequins. Matching hair ribbon or flower is fine. No Jewellery or accessories.

(b) Jazz & Hip Hop-Plain Leotard is to be worn (Crop top for Hip Hop is allowed). Dance Pants or bike shorts permitted. No jewellery or accessories.

(c) Male competitors must wear plain dance clothes.

(d) Improvisations CAN NOT be used to qualify for RDF Scholarships


(a) All donations are gratefully appreciated and will be acknowledged in the program.


(a) Are only available electronically and will be distributed as follows:

  1.                                Programs will be emailed to the contact email of each competitor.
  2.                                Online: via the website www.riversidedancefestival.com
  3.                                During the event: Airdrop available from the canteen


(a) Competitors are awarded points for places. The points are accumulated and the performer with the most points for their age group wins the aggregate.

(b) Championships and Scholarships are not counted in the aggregate.

(c) Duo & Trio events are not counted in the aggregate.


We are looking for businesses that are interested in sponsoring this Festival. Your sponsorship will go towards increasing the prizes and prize money awarded to competitors. Sponsorship is divided into 3 categories.

1. Premium-                Cost $150 you receive a full-page (A4) advertisement in the program, acknowledgment at the beginning of each session for duration of the Festival and priority listing on the Donations and Sponsorship page in the program.

2. Major-                     Cost $75 you receive a half (A4) page advertisement

In the program, acknowledgment at the beginning of each session for the duration of the Festival and primary listing on the Donations and Sponsorship page in the program

3. Donation-               we gratefully accept all donations big and small. This money will help to provide great prizes.

Closing date for sponsorship is 23 March 2021 and we will then contact you to arrange advertisement details.



195Restricted/Open Student Choreography - Any Style Solo     12 Years & Under

Time Limit: 03:00

Entry: $13.001st Trophy          2nd Medal          3rd Medal          HC Medal          
196Restricted/Open Student Choreography - Any Style Solo     13 Years & Over

Time Limit: 03:00

Entry: $13.001st Trophy          2nd Medal          3rd Medal          HC Medal