Gladstone Eisteddfod 2022
Self-Accompanied Solo
07 Aug 2022 to 10 Aug 2022
(To be confirmed after receipt of Entries and Programming has been finalised)
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* All competitors are required to make arrangements for their own accompaniment.

* All choirs/vocal ensembles must submit full scores for the adjudicator. Individual parts are not acceptable.

* School groups will not be programmed to start before 9.30am.

* Primary and Secondary Choirs must be from the same school.

* All Duos/Trios must incorporate part work (harmony).


Classical Vocal

* Must be accompanied by a piano or any other non-electronic musical instrument.

* NO pre-recorded accompaniment is allowed.

* Non amplified – no microphone

* Costume, movement and hand held props are optional.

* Entrants must supply a score.


Modern Vocal

* This section is for modern/contemporary style singing only e.g. pop, rock, pop ballad, folk, jazz, hip hop, country etc.

* Each entrant will sing one contemporary song or arrangement (there is no restriction on the age of the song).

* Entrants must supply a score.

* Entrants may perform with a microphone.

* Entrants may perform to a professional backing electronic device. No backing vocals are permitted. Entrants can also sing to any single instrument accompanist.

* If an entrant is performing in more than one section, each backing track must be recorded on a separate electronic device.

* It is the entrant's responsibility to ensure that backing electronic devices play correctly. It is recommended that the entrant has a duplicate copy of the backing device to avoid any technical issues which may arise. Each entrant must clearly name his/her electronic device and collect same immediately after the section at the registration desk. The Eisteddfod will provide a piano and microphone (up to 3) and a CD player upon request.

* Ipods and MP 3 players are preferred.

12 years & under
649 Self-Accompanied - Own Choice Solo     12 years & under

Time Limit: 04:00

Entries Closed
Entry: $8.001st          2nd          3rd          EA          HC          
13-18 years
650 Self-Accompanied - Own Choice Solo     13-18 years

Time Limit: 05:00

Entries Closed
Entry: $8.001st          2nd          3rd          EA          HC          
19 years & over
651 Self-Accompanied - Own Choice Solo     19 years & over

Time Limit: 05:00

Entries Closed
Entry: $8.001st          2nd          3rd          EA          HC